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10 Benefits of Healthy Relationship

by Gauri Kolhe

Relationship this word denotes a strong bonding with two or more people. Here bonding is not a chemical attachment of two particles, here bonding is chemistry of two or more peoples.

Chemistry is happened by love, affection, trust, depending with each other and many other reasons. Relationship may strong if chemistry of each other or we can say bonding of each other will endless.

 Human beings cannot survive without any relationship because we cordial of our society. Not only human being but also animals stay in form of colony.  So we have in born adaptability to make a close relationship. Numbers of benefits of happy or healthy relationship are uncountable.

About healthy relationship- the key factors of happy or healthy relationship are depending on each other, respect to each other, love & caring, emotional support and strong bonding, these are shaping a comfortable and happy relationship with each other.

A happy relationship builds a supportive arena and dependency with each other. Let’s have a glance on goodness of it-

  • Strengthen of social need- we know we cannot take s breath alone, we are living in society. Good relationship builds a strong social network, where we can share our feelings and give out our stress factors. Therefore, quantity and qualitative social life brings a better physical life.
  • Stressed out- benefits of happy relationships helps us to live as stress free life.  Any problems or difficulties can be wiped out easily when we are in a happy relationship. It brings a positive attitude of our mind, which shows on the other hand as supportive and satisfying relations with each other.
  • Positive feeling- when we pass our days with someone who values us, it shows you a positive feeling always.
  • Reduce painful day of life- here pain is not signified to any physical pain, it is mental disturbance or psychological imbalance. On this moment ever person wants to their partner to get relief from hurting condition. Some of time pain may not reduced by any medicine. A strong bonding each other is the best medicine of it.
  • Serve yourself for others- when you are bonded with someone or we stay with a strong relationship we deserve caring nature from opposite side. It feels us special for someone. Same as we have an opportunity to serve or help other from bottom of our heart, it makes us satisfied and proud.
  • Attachment with healthy habits- most of the time we cannot adopted with healthy habits by own, but when our nearest person ask for exercise or any other healthy habits we just follow it blindly. It is an amazing part of happy relationship.
  • Having fun time- having close friends always brings fun or happy moment. It simply give pleasure to our mind also we can easily stressed out.
  • Exchanged experiences- goodness of healthy relationship are endless, from these it is one of thing by that way we can exchange our experiences and we can learn more things from that.
  • Emotional strengthen- emotional support is needed to survive in this world which we can get from our friends and other nearest person to whom we are attached.
  • Believe on your self- A good relationship can bring the self esteem of every one due to the proper supportive and caring partner of relationship.