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50 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

by Gauri Kolhe

Knowing that you are going to be a parent, you get excited and starting to plan the future like the clothes for a baby and toys etc. But in that excitement sometimes you forget things which are necessary to be concern.

The health of baby and the mother is the subject of priority. So you need to know about parenting tips in detail when you confirm your pregnancy by pregnancy test so that you can maintain mother health as well as baby.

In this article some tips are mentioned that is necessary for a healthy pregnancy.

  1. Before getting pregnant you need to concern with your health expert.
  2. When you see your doctor, tell him that you may be pregnant. This prevents you from unnecessary exposure of chemicals and tests if you are pregnant but don’t know yet.
  3. Do some modification in your eating habits. Add healthy and nutritious components in your diet.
  4. Doing exercise helps you to stay in the shape during the pregnancy. This also helps to reduce labor complications and chance of miscarriage.
  5. Start taking vitamins and other supplements that can be prescribed by your doctor or you can buy them over the counter. Make sure to take supplement that contains 0.4 mg of folic acid so that you continue to become healthy.
  6. Make sure to educate yourself about parenting.
  7. Always make sure to track your cycle. This helps you to determine the right time of ovulation that increases the chances of conceiving baby.
  8. Always eat new vegetables and fruits enriched with antioxidants.
  9. Read some books and article about pregnancy.
  10. Ensure the decision of child bearing. You may have been using birth control methods for a long time and after some time you want to get pregnant. In that case you have to decide stop using those method prior the couple of months of getting pregnant.  
  11. If you are smoking than quit smoking. There are many programs are available that helps you to quit smoking.
  12. You are eating healthy food on your own while your partner eating tasty junk food and processed food which is not good for you. Seeing that you may distracts from your goal to eat healthy so ask your partner to join you on for using healthy habits.
  13. If you are not satisfied with your doctor and you need a new one than interview with him before getting pregnant.
  14. May be this could be your first time of become a mother but for your friends, they have already experience it. So always concern and ask your friends about healthy pregnancy and parenthood.
  15. Always make sure to avoid the use of chemical and being near of these chemical that could harm a developing fetus. To prevent this learn study about the some common chemical that could be present in your home, work place and community.
  16. Go to your dentist before pregnancy.
  17. If you are fond of keeping pets near you like cats and dogs, then learn about the toxoplasmosis and the litter box because this may cause allergy and could be harmful for your baby. Avoid changing the cat litter during your pregnancy.
  18. Become pregnant can take a couple of months or years. But if you are trying for a long time and 35 years or older than see your doctor.
  19. If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant so you should have act like pregnant. That includes quitting smoking, alcohol drinking. Alcohol can cause birth defects in any level and for information there is no safe level of alcohol for the pregnant ladies. So avoid alcohol.
  20. When you are mentally strong and ready, announce your pregnancy.
  21. Make sure to talk to your parents about their experiences of pregnancy and get suggestions for healthy pregnancy and also mark what you want different from our parents.
  22. Always take rest whenever you get opportunity like a small nap.
  23. Start writing your journal about your experiences during pregnancy or pregnancy blog.
  24. Most of the drugs are contraindicated in pregnancy so avoid taking unnecessary medicines and make sure to talk to your doctor or midwife for the home remedies for common problems related to pregnancy like nausea, constipation and heartburn.
  25. Take pregnancy classes.
  26. Take a tour of birth facilities.
  27. Make sure to drink a plenty of water i. e. 8-10 glasses of water.
  28. Always keep reading inspirational books.
  29. To keep your body active join prenatal yoga classes or exercises classes.
  30. Keep appointment with your doctor
  31. Add 300-500 calories a day to your diet.
  32. Take a review on the signs of premature labor.
  33. Concern the nearest doulas that can help you to have shorter, safer and more satisfying birth.
  34. Keep a food chart or food diary in order to complete daily requirements.
  35. Make sure to avoid fumes associated with paint and wall paper at the time of decoration of house or nursery for healthy pregnancy.
  36. Try to babysitting with your friend’s baby to get experience for your own baby.
  37. Take a class related to child birth.
  38. Take a breast feeding classes to learn the proper method.
  39. Make sure to swimming during pregnancy as it helps reducing the aches.
  40.  To prevent leg cramp stretch before bed.
  41. Make sure to continue exercise. This helps you to recover fast.
  42. Write down a birth plan to help what you want or need for a healthy pregnancy.
  43. Ready you cameras to film your pregnancy time or welcoming the baby.
  44. Always practice relaxation whenever you get opportunity.
  45. Do some pelvic tilts because it helps to manage late pregnancy back pain. it also help to reduce pain as well as it provides a good birth position to baby.
  46. If you are planning to go birth center or hospital then pack every required thing in your bag pack. Do not forget to take your insurance cards, pre-registration forms, cameras, birth plan etc.
  47. Take a picture of yourself before welcoming your baby.
  48. Always read some birth stories.
  49. Always try to be patience and avoid getting stress.
  50. Make sure to kiss the baby.

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