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What Should you Know About Muscle Growth and Tone

by Gauri Kolhe

You should have work on muscle growth and tone. This is a very common to heard when you go to your office, meeting your family or friends. Most probably almost all of us heard this thing because nice and toned muscles make you attractive and appealing.  

Workout associated with really a piece of work when it comes to put some strength in the daily routine in comparison t regular walking and jogging in your locality.

A significant muscle growth and tone can be seen after a long and punctual training associated with strength, as results may not be seen quickly. It could be take few weeks to several months depends on individual.

So what should you need to know about the muscle growth and tone such as what food you should eat etc., is discussed below.

Mechanism of muscle growth

In order to focus on muscle growth this is very necessary to know that how muscles grow. Basically skeletal muscles are voluntary muscle made up of muscle fibre and do working as your wish.

Skeleton muscles are responsible allowing all kind of movement in body. Doing extreme workout such as weightlifting causes a trauma to the muscle fibre or can be called as muscle injury.

Our body have its own repair shop so when muscle injured, a signal send by the satellite cells activate the muscle fibre repair. Damage muscles join together in order to repair which results in the muscle growth.  

Actually some hormones help to grow muscles. These hormones are responsible for the control of satellite cells and some other function.

  1. Certain hormones help to repair muscle cell
  2. Manage muscle mass
  3. Formation of new blood capillaries

Growth hormone releases from the pituitary gland on resistance moves and carry out the functions. Amount of the hormone depends on the intensity of the exercise any individual have done. Growth hormone promotes the metabolism and helps amino acids turn out to be protein which leads building muscles.

Ways to build muscles


If you are thinking spending your whole day in the gym to build your muscle, don’t do the thing because this is not necessary. For significant result 20 to 30 minutes of weight training 2 to 3 weeks in a week is sufficient. It is necessary to focus on all major muscle groups at least twice during weekly workouts.

Muscle growth can be seen by doing single strength training even though you may not see the result immediately. Exercise activates protein synthesis within 2 to 4 hours after finishing workout. In some individual the energy level may stay risen up to 24 hours.

How do you know the muscles are growing? It is very simple; when you do regular strength session you will be able to lift heavier weights with ease as time passes. In that period of session your muscles starts growing and get toned which makes you feel happy and stronger than before.

Here are some ways to build muscles mentioned below:

The first one includes the well known body weight exercises like squats, pushups and lunges.

Resistance band movements are other way to put your strength in workout.

A stationary weight machine such as leg curl machine plays an important role in muscle growth.

Workout associated with the free weights pr even simple objects like soup cans also helps to muscle growth.

When you doing weight lifting exercise, you should have try to do 8 to 15 repetition sin a row. Make sure to take a break between the sets to rest. After that complete another set for the same time. You should take approx 3 second for lifting weight or push your body weight into the place. For good results try to hold that position for 1 second and do another slow for 3 seconds to lower the weight.

Resistance and reps

Aiming to lift weight is known as resistance is enough to challenge you for strength sessions. Selecting a weight that makes you feel tired after 12to 15 repetitions is good enough. After finding a suitable weight too feel easy, start trying gradually increases the weights to the next level.

Single set of 12 reps is enough to help building muscles which is equal to 3 sets of lighter weights. So make sure to find a weight that suits your capability of weight lifting and gradually increase it.

Importance of rest

If you are aiming to begin strengths training program than you should have give a plenty of rest to your body. If you are not doing this, than you may end up to injure yourself and lowering the process of muscle growth progress.

Many experts recommend not doing the strength training on the same muscles continuously for 2 days or more.

Factors considering the muscle growth in women in comparison to men

The process and progress of muscle growth is at different rate in the women and men. It happens due the different levels of testosterone levels in their body.

Testosterone basically produced in both gender but it is more secreted and dominant in men which makes the changes in men and promote muscle growth. However it has been seen in s study carried out in 2000, that men and women have the same response to the strength training.

Some of the factors which affect the muscle growth are as follows:

  1. Body size is primary factors as the size of both male and female is very different.
  2. Body composition if women make them different from the men like small amount of testosterone secreted in female body.
  3. Last but not the least hormones. Male and female body secreted different types of hormone which also affects the muscle growth in their body.

In short most of the changes in muscle growth depends n the sex of the people.

Aerobic exercise and muscle growth

Generally cardio or aerobic exercise is known for strengthens the cardiovascular system and prevent cardiac diseases. Some peoples also believe that cardio is not good for the muscle growth and tone.

But in actual aerobic workout helps you with muscle growth, muscle functions and capacity of overall exercise.

This kind of effect can be seen in sedentary individuals and older individuals. Scientist recommend to do exercise to do at the intensity of 70-80 percent of heart rate reserve (HRR) with the sessions of 3= to 45 minutes in lengths for 4-5 days in a week.

Simply putting the words together cardio makes you healthy and strong by the body and heart.

Diet and the muscle growth

protein rich diet

Along with the exercise, everything you eat and drink affects your muscle growth too. As muscles are made up of protein, your protein intake plays a key role in muscle growth.

Now what amount you should eat for muscle growth? According to the current guidelines total of 0.8 grams per kilogram of protein is needed to your body if you are above the 9 years.

When it comes to eat what should you eat for the muscle growth?

Always make sure to have protein-rich foods which are enriched with amino acid leucine as it is responsible for muscle growth. Some of the sources which contain leucine are as:

Animal food: meat of beef, lamb, pork, poultry p5roducts, fish, eggs, milk and milk products contains the protein in large amount.

Non-animal sources of protein include foods: beans, nuts, seeds, soybeans are some plant based sources.


Exercise including strength always promote the muscle growth and makes them toned. Doing cardio and eating protein rich foods help you to get great muscles so make sure to program a proper exercise and diet.

Always start with light exercises with a small number of repetitions and then gradually increases so that your muscles grow stronger. Remember to consider your physician or health experts before going for any program.

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