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What is Meant by Seronegative Arthritis?

by Gauri Kolhe

Some person, who are suffering as joint pain, knee pain, swelling finger joints etc on that time doctor advise them to do some blood test for knowing that person may suffer with Rheumatoid arthritis or something else? After getting the report doctor suggests it is seronegative arthritis. Have you any idea about this?

What is seronegative arthritis?

Several people with Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) have seropositive RA, means the anti ccp (anti cyclic citrullinated peptide) antibodies is present in their blood and doctor can start the treatment as positive or seropositive RA.

On the other hand some people are suffering with same symptoms as rheumatoid patients are having, but in the test report the antibodies are not present or may have other antibodies, consider as these persons are suffering as seronegative arthritis.


Some of time it has seen that antibodies have developed at later stage on that time doctor will start their diagnosis as seropositive arthritis. Though seronegative and seropositive rheumatoid arthritis is the same, the people who have Seropositive rheumatoid arthritis suffer more pain.

The various symptoms can distinguish both the arthritis like swollen nodules under the skin, red and blood vessels and more stiffness on joints, these symptoms are common of Seropositive rheumatoid arthritis patients.

 At first, in the early stage the symptoms are seen on the hands and feet after that it can start to affect the other joints of the body.

Seropositive patients are more serious condition than the seronegative arthritis patient.

Actually the patients who are having that particular antibodies means CCP they have more complications.


When the immune systems by chance abuse the healthy tissues, the autoimmune system has developed in body; therefore, synovial fluid comes down as low level in the joints as well as cartilage has affected and bones get fragile condition. The result is RA. Research shows that RA patients have specific RH factor (antibody- ccp) which is the cause of inflammation of blood vessel, pain and swelling joint.

Except the above lines the other causes or risk factors are-

  • Those people who are following unhealthy life style
  • Genetic factors
  • Obesity
  • Poor calcium level

Test and diagnosis

Any person having the above symptoms then the doctor will suggest for doing the blood test for rheumatoid factor, after that the factor will be negative of this person then the treatment of that person will be more difficult. 

If test reports suggest the presence of Rheumatoid factor then the doctor will start the diagnosis. 

Frequent cases, doctors may suggest x-ray which can detect the damage condition of the bone and cartilage.


Treatment for seronegative rheumatoid arthritis may focus on moderating the progress of the present stage, preventing the past joint damage and relieving the painful symptoms. Actually the doctor will concentrate for lowering the overall inflammation level. We can see at a glance like that-

Start the medication of an anti inflammatory also Start the corticosteroid medication.

Advice for hot water therapy

Along with the medication, the doctor also suggested doing yoga, some physical therapy and standing exercises.

 After following all of the things but also the patient will not get over from their painful condition then the doctor will suggest the surgery.

One thing we should keep in mind that medication cannot properly cure the rheumatoid arthritis. Medication will help us to get rid from excessive pain.

Along with this the proper food can also help to manage this painful condition. They have to consume fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, lean meat low fat dairy and whole grains. Omega 3 fatty acid can reduce the information so it is used as an anti-inflammatory property and help to reduce the stiffness in tender joints, so doctors suggest include in their diet Salman and Tuna fish as well as having to include safflower, corn, sunflower oil and soybean etc.

Proper rest, adequate supplement, maintain a Healthy lifestyle and daily Yoga can help to get rid from this condition.

Kinds of seronegative 

Ankylosing spondylitis

Mostly this type of arthritis is seen in children.  First the symptoms begin from the hip to knee after that it has reached the spine. Symptom of it is low back pain and stiffness on the affected joint.

Reactive arthritis

Reactive Arthritis is bring the excessive pain in the sacroiliac joint which causes pain, swelling as well as inflammation of the joint. Sum of time due to the reactive Arthritis patient may lose their weight skin irritation can be seen with fever and slight finger swelling.

Enteropathic arthritis

This type of arthritis has occurred in the spinal cord that also causes inflation of the intestinal wall. This type of arthritis also can affect the large joint such as knees, hips, ankles, elbows etc.

Psoriasis Arthritis 

In this type of arthritis, main symptom is the yellow tinge around the fingernails and it is in thickening position as well as it has seen on the toenails and starts the joints troubles, arise from the large joints like hips, sacroiliac joints.


Healthy diet with proper lifestyle, doctor’s suggestion, yoga and surgery may help to get well soon from this painful state.

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