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Best Foods for Healthy Heart

by Gauri Kolhe

Heart is the most vital part of the body. It is a part or organ in the centre of our circulation system. Heart helps to circulate blood by pumping around the body when it beats. Through the blood, Oxygen and other essential nutrients can reach the various parts of the body as well as blood carries the unwanted carbon dioxide and other waste materials.

It looks like fist sized organ and contains four main Chambers which are made up of muscle. Those muscles are called cardiac muscles. It is a vital organ because our brain or nervous system is directly interlinked with the heart’s function.

The main function of the heart is to maintain the heart rate and also maintain the blood pressure of the body.

Along with the heart is pumping hormones and other vital substances to various parts of the body.

Cardiovascular diseases are the major cause of death globally nowadays. Approximately 17.9 million people died from cardiovascular disease in respect to 32% of all global deaths.

Amazing part is that 85% of deaths had happened due to heart attack and stroke. If we consider India’s health status we can see 63% of the total deaths had happened due to cardiovascular disease. Now 4.77 million people are affected with various types of heart disease. Cardiovascular disease is also a common cause of death in the 40- 69 year age group of people.

From the above statistics we can say heart disease is a common cause of one third of all deaths worldwide. Prevention is better than cure therefore consuming healthy food, balanced diet, maintaining healthy lifestyles and regular health check up can impact the risk of heart disease.

Healthy and balanced foods can influence blood pressure, triglycerides, cholesterol level, deposited fat levels etc. There are some best foods for heart health which can maximize your heart health and minimize the risk factor of heart disease.

Leafy green vegetables

Best Foods for Healthy Heart

Leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale and other vegetables are a major source of vitamins, minerals and enormous antioxidants. They are also a vital source of vitamin K which can protect the heart arteries and influence the proper blood clotting. Ask photo fissions concerns that consuming more leafy vegetables can help the lower risk of heart disease.

Take a bowl of whole grains

Whole grains contain the three major nutrients parts like germ, endosperm and bran. Those things are protective for the risk factor of coronary heart disease. As per the health studies show that eating more serving of whole grains daily is linked with 22% of lower risk of heart disease. Consuming a diet with whole grains can manage hypertension effectively. 

Except these other best foods for healthy hearts are-

Black Beans

Soft, mild, tender Black Beans are filled with heart healthy nutrients like folate, antioxidants, magnesium, etc which can help to minimize the blood pressure level. The fiber of the food helps to control the blood cholesterol and blood sugar level.

Adopt with Salmon

The best food for heart health is containing with Omega 3 food. Omegas 3s are healthy fat which can help to minimize the heart disorder and also helps to diminish the high blood pressure level. The omega 3’s also helps to cut down the risk factor of triglycerides. Therefore doctors are always advised to take Salmon fish which are the natural resource of Omega 3.


Avocado is a fruit which is a major source of healthy monounsaturated fats which have been a direct link to reduce the cholesterol level and also helps to lower risk of heart disease.

Olive oil

This oil is contained with healthy fat, which is made from smashed olive. Olives are basically rich with antioxidants. Olive oil may protect the blood vessels, it replaces the saturated fat along with can assist lower cholesterol level.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolates are contained with rich antioxidants like flavonoids which can help to better heart health. 

Various types of fruits

Fruits like apples, oranges and others are contained with natural sugar therefore it can help to minimize the cardiovascular disease factor.

At last but not the least that Mention Healthy lifestyle

Along with the food habits we have to mention the healthy lifestyles like not take any alcohol. Cut down the habit of smoking and regular exercise can boost our healthy heart.

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