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Kidney Problems During Pregnancy

by Gauri Kolhe

Pregnancy is the beautiful journey of a woman’s life. At the time women’s bodies changed a lot both physically and internally. During pregnancy hormonal imbalances are a common topic so various types of physical and cognitive issues can be perceived.

Kidney problems during pregnancy are also one type of health problem. Kidney is the strainer of our body; it helps to absorb a sufficient amount of water for the body and helps to remove the excess water from the body as urine. The bean shaped kidney may change its pattern of function and its shape in time of pregnancy. 

Most of the time kidney problems are not spotted in pregnant mother; it may be noticed at the time of antenatal check up. Patients who are suffering high blood pressure during pregnancy may be experiencing a life threatening condition as eclampsia. At this stage the kidney cannot differentiate protein particles from urine therefore the protein level is raised in urine. 

Vomiting is a common symptom at the first trimester of a pregnancy journey. Excessive vomit may cause dehydration of the body and kidney infection can happen. 

At the time of the second trimester a pregnant woman sometimes experiences a swing level of blood pressure which may cause preeclampsia or toxemia of pregnancy and the most common symptom is swelling of feet. If it will not detect at early stage multi organ failure may start or spontaneous abortion can be occurred and in this life threatening condition doctors will suggests of 24 hours monetization under proper medical surveillance.

Sometimes kidney problems may be a reason for intensive care, because some pregnant women will go through with the experience of plasma transfer due to the breakdown of blood components. It is a life threatening condition of a pregnant mother and in this time multi organ failure will also happen.

Here are few suggestions of doctors for pregnant women to come out from this severe medical situation-

Regular health check up is mandatory in case of abnormal pregnancy.

Blood pressure and blood sugar level should be checked on a regular basis. If any gestational abnormalities will occur due to fluctuation of blood pressure and blood sugar level must be contacted with a physician.

In case the protein level will be high in the urine of pregnant women should follow the proper diet chart and maintain a healthy lifestyle as advised by physicians.

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