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Lung Cancer Causes, Symptoms and Treatment 

by Gauri Kolhe

Cancer is still a severe life threatening disease, although we are in the 21st century and we have invented various life saving drugs and technology but still we just keep our head bent in front of this deadly life phase.

Blessing of science doctors have already formulated various drugs and therapies which can reduce the risk factor as minimum. 

Lung cancer is the most day-to-day reason for the mortality rate by cancer. According to the mortality and morbidity report, 30 percent of deaths have been caused by lung cancer. The ante natural process of cell division and growth is the cause of cancer. These types of abnormal cells grow as a large volume and form as a tumor.

Abnormal swellings of cells have an adverse effect on tissues, systems and other parts of the body. Therefore it can spread out to the other portion of the body. The root cause of lung cancer is also the same, the abnormal maturation of cells in the lining of lungs and the reason for malignant tumors.

Primarily this carcinoma has been divided into two types and it is distinguished by the cell size visibility under a microscope, like small cell malignant cells and non small cell malignant cells. 

The survival rate of this cancer is very low because the cell has tendency to metastasize at the other portion of the body. After starting the treatment like chemotherapy and radiation the abidance rate is only 17%.

Before starting detail the causes, risk factors and preventions of this cancer, we must know about our lung.

What is lung?

Lung is our respiratory organ which is situated in our thorax region covered by ribs. It is a spongy type organ and it has a membrane called plura which is consisted with various pores. Lung helps to take oxygen at the time of inhale and give out carbon di oxide at the time of exhale.

Mostly people who are addicted with cigarette smoke have a high chance to suffer with lung cancer but now days due to pollution non addicted people also suffer with this life threatening disease like cancer.


Symptoms of this disease have varied person to person. Most common symptoms are

  • People have been suffering with cough and cold for long time.
  • Change the color of cough and sometimes cough comes out along with blood clots or scanty liquid blood.
  • Consistently breathing problem.
  • Facing with chest pain at the time of breathing.
  • Change the voice quality.
  • Without diet and medication weight losing.
  • Experience with bone pain and muscle strain
  • Body ache
  • Head ache
  • Feel weakness and nausea.

These are the common symptoms but if any other problem will pursue as prolong then they should have consulted with doctor. Other people who have no symptoms but cannot able to smoke, or want to diminish to smoke from life they also must have consulted with doctor.  Chest specialist will examine, counsel with patient and suggest proper medication or other immediate steps.


The major cause of this cancer is smoking because it has the adverse effect on the cells of lungs and a layer of nicotine has stored above side of pleura. Actually cigarette, cigar or other addicted things are made up off with tobacco products which are also mixed with 7000 various types of chemicals and from those chemicals minimum 70 chemicals are causing of cancer element.

Our lung has an inherent power to restore damage part due to smoke at the initial stage but in case of continuation of inhalation of tobacco product it has difficult to overcome from the risk factors of cancer and it starts to harm the cells. The damaged cell cannot be refreshed and jump to the mutation stage after that it may spread as rapidly.

It is not common cause of a smoker but also the person who have exposed with a smoke person, now days have been suffering with this disease.

Another reason of lung cancer is excessive pollution. Due to the increase numbers of factories are a major reason of air pollution. Arsenic, chromium, cadmium, nickel and other substances are randomly available in air as an air pollutant and when these unsafe substances are inhaled as long period of time it may cause of mesothelioma or one type of lung cancer.

Research shows that gene factor is also a cause of this disease means congenital mutation factor is also a reason of cancer.

Risk factors

There are lots of reasons to increase the risk factors of this disease

Addicted with smoking- we know smoking is always injurious to health.  From the above we have got to know that when we inhale tobacco products it has entered in our body through the lungs and mixed with blood stream which can increase the risk factors of this disease.

Stay in toxic place- Asbestos is available in the air nowadays due to the increase number of factories. Asbestos is a toxic element and it is very harmful of health.

Stay with a smoke person- second hand smokers have also the tendency to get rid with lung cancer if they will contact with a smoker often.

Inhale radon gas- Radon gas is very common and it can come out naturally if soils, rocks and water will breakdown. After that it will mix up with air and it is also one of risk factor of cancer. Mixing radon gas into the air is very natural and it can happen in home also like cracking the building or repairing time of building.

History of radiation treatment- If any person has the past history of radiation therapy they can be a high chance to get this life threatening disease.

Family records or gene factors- Family history is also a factor of lung cancer.

Stages of this disease- Every disease has spanned, like initial span, contamination span and declining phase. Same as this cancer disease is also divides with few stages like –

Phase 1 – it is an initial stage of the disease and the chance to get cure from this disease is maximum. In this phase the carcinoma of lung has just found and it has not spread out the other portions.

Phase 2- Already has detected by doctors and carcinoma is seen in lung and close attached lymph node.  

Phase 3 – The carcinoma presence in lungs and lymph nodes also it has spread at the middle portion of chest.

Phase 3A- In this stage carcinoma has seen in the lymph nodes but it can visible at the origin point of chest where the carcinoma has first detected.

Phase 3B- In this stage cancer has spared out rapidly into the lymph nodes and it can be visible the opposite side of the chest. Most of the in this phase the carcinoma has spread out to the collar bone of the chest.

Phase 4- it is the last stage and carcinoma can be spread out both the lungs also the other portions of the body.

Problems of lung cancer

We know cancer is life threatening disease therefore naturally it has associated with lots of complications.

Breathing problems- due to the carcinoma lungs have lost its working capacity and it stores lots of fluids so people may face with breathing complication.

Experience of pain-  last phase or at the advance phase of this cancer people are experienced with uncanny feelings like pain around the side of chest, or other parts of the body.

Loss of weight- without any reasons person can experience with losing weight, they may feel lose of appetites etc.


If a person will experience with such of complications they must consult with oncologist for better treatment. If physician will suggest for surgery then immediate start the treatment with chemotherapy and radiation treatment as physicians have suggested.


We know prevention is always better than cure. There are few steps to follow and we can prevent this disease.

Cut out the addiction of smoking- Smoking is the prime risk factor this cancer. So slowly cut down the habit of smoking and start to take anti nicotine substance.

Go ahead from smoker- a second hand smoke person can be a cancer person so always keep a safe distance from a smoker.

Maintain a healthy life style- Healthy life style always brings the freshness of life. Pollution, stress and unhealthy foods have made our world contaminated, so regular exercise and balanced meal can fight against the cancer also. Consume proper amount of  fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk factor of cancer.

Examine radon gas of the house- frequently every person should check the condition of the house, because radon gas can come out from the cracked part of a house and it is harmful. Public health department of particular area helps for radon testing.

Acupuncture therapy- acupuncture therapy is a new way to reduce any type of pain, stress and many more. It may help to reduce pain, nausea and other problems of cancer but it not recommend for every patient.  

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