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15 Natural Ways to Lower your Blood Pressure

by Gauri Kolhe

In the modern century, suffering from blood pressure is common to us. Nowadays it is an award for participating in the rat race. To continue with the race normally we get depression, anxiety and stress, due to this we are suffering with this life- long disease. In this Modern era there is no age limit to adopt this disease.

At the prior mostly after 60 people suffer from high BP but now it is trend to get addicted with the word of blood pressure at the age of 30 only. High blood pressure or hypertension is not a life threatening disease but it is a vital cause of other life threatening diseases like heart attack, stroke, hemorrhage, full body or partial paralysis etc. Therefore it is called as silent killer of human body. Hypertension is one of cause of high morbidity rate in the world.

Blood pressure is a state when blood has given pressure in the wall of arteries at the time of blood circulation. Most of the pressure is generated from the heart pumping by the circulatory system. Blood pressure is accounted for in two ways: one is systolic pressure and another one is diastolic pressure.

Systolic pressure is measured at the time of heart beats and the blood pressure is at the highest level. Diastolic is opposite of this truly means when the blood pressure is at the lowest level on the time diastolic pressure has been measured. 

The normal blood pressure range is 120 / 80 mm HG. If the number will change means the systolic pressure and diastolic pressure will be changed then it is considered as a problem of blood pressure. Suppose the blood pressure result may come like 130/ 80 then we can think of hypertension.

Normally the doctors suggest various kinds of medicine according to the nature of blood pressure for the patient. But medications have adverse effects on our health. Hypertension is a lifelong disease naturally prescribed medicine should be taken as life time.

This type of prescribed medicine is content with steroids which have more side effects on our body. Because of lots of side effects nowadays Healthcare professionals and doctors have suggested various types of natural ways which can help to reduce hypertension as without side effects. 

Natural ways to lower blood pressure are assumed as innovative ways to become fit and healthy. Now it is a popular research topic to the entire world. Large numbers of doctors and researchers have been involved to find out more and more ways to reduce hypertension from human society as the Natural Way. Here we will discuss various types of natural ways to diminish the word hypertension from our daily life.

Adopt with more activity and exercise

aerobic exercise

According to the various research reports like meta-analysis of 2013 doctors for physicians have suggested to involve more aerobic or Cardio exercise which can help to to reduce blood pressure, this technique is very much suitable for men. Also doctors have find out that due to the regular aerobic or Cardio exercise helps to reduce 3.9% of systolic pressure and 4.5% of diastolic pressure without any intervention of medications.

Regular exercise helps to swell the heart and breathing rates which helps heart to be stronger so when the heart will pump the blood it will put less pressure to the blood arteries and the result may reduce high blood pressure. 

Frequently patients always complain that 8the don’t have sufficient place for accessories to continue the exercises. Using stairs Instead of using lifts, walking despite driving, doing all of the household activities, regular gardening and 20 minutes brisk walking are regarded as cardio or aerobic exercises.

Always be relax

During the state of stress or depression our bodies release hormones like cortisol and adrenaline which has an adverse effect on the blood vessels. These hormones help to increase the heart rate and create more pressure on blood vessels by blood, the result is high blood pressure or the blood pressure may trigger at high level.

Therefore, there will be a chance to get a sudden stroke. Breathing exercise and regular practice of yoga and meditation helps to keep us stress free and yoga or meditation has good effects on mind.

That’s why it can control the release of hormones. Breathing exercise, meditation and yoga have good effects if this practice is done in only 5 minutes in the morning. 

Consume sugar free food and refined carbohydrates food

If you’re concerned about your weight then definitely cut down the quantity of sugar directly or in food and always consume refined carbohydrates food which helps you to lose your weight as well as it is one of natural ways to lower blood pressure.

The main component of sugar is fructose which may cause increased blood pressure more than consuming salt. Carbohydrate enriched food is always the vital cause of obesity and it has adverse effects on blood pressure.

Control the body weight

weight loss

Obesity is a vital cause of high blood pressure. Due to obesity, the heart needs more pressure to circulate blood to the entire body. Therefore blood pressure may increase. Besides high blood pressure, obesity is a major cause of other like threatening diseases. So always keep control of your body weight.

Consume less sodium and more potassium enrich food

Minerals are also a vital component along with other nutrients of a healthy food. A balanced meal is composed with the proper amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. More salt enriched food has adverse effects on blood pressure.

It creates more pressure on blood vessels. Potassium helps to cut down the level of pressure on blood arteries or vessels. Therefore, potassium enriched food is good to consume for a patient of hypertension.

But those people who are suffering with kidney disease, they should not take more potassium because it can have harmful effects on the kidney. Health experts of the national institute of heath have recommended a diet chart for them like consume more fruits and leafy vegetables, fish, milk, egg, not to consume red meat, intake less sodium, etc.

Cut down processed food from your food list

In the technical era we are always busy with our schedule, so we don’t have sufficient time to make healthy food for us and we totally depend on ready to eat or processed or fast food. Those foods are oilier and add on extra salt which has a bad effect on health. Besides, it adds an extra pound to our body. Obesity is one of the causes of increased blood pressure.

Consume fermented foods

Probiotics are the types of bacteria, which are good bacteria for good health. It is available in more quantities in fermented foods. Probiotics have a good effect on high blood pressure, blood sugar and other diseases. The foods which are contained with more Probiotics are-  natural yoghurt, apple cider vinegar, kimchi, etc.

Habit with regular exercise

Regular exercise and yoga has a good effect on health as well as it can help to reduce the variety of diseases without taking any medications.

Yoga and exercise have various types of posture which can easily reduce obesity. Breathing exercise is included with yoga and exercises, which are very effective to reduce stress and level of blood pressure.

Put limitation to drink alcohol

Excessive consumption of alcohol has adverse effects on health. Consuming more amounts of alcohol can lift up blood pressure in our body.

Cut down the smoking habit

stop smoking

Smoking is injurious to health. Cigarette smoke has reached the blood pressure level for every minute whenever you smoke. Smoking regularly also has adverse effects on the heart; it is the primary cause of various types of heart diseases. Smoking is the vital cause of cancer also. 

Breakfast with bowl of oats

It is an innovative and natural way to lower blood pressure that makes your habit to take about a bowl of oats as a morning breakfast. Oats are content with lots of fiber which is known as beta glucan and it helps to reduce the blood cholesterol levels and also helps to cut down the blood pressure.

The dietitian has suggested taking quotes daily to reduce the blood pressure and research has shown that taking a bowl of oats can reduce the systolic and diastolic blood pressure naturally.

Use more garlic in food

Garlic is also a natural source of antibiotic and antifungal food. It has content with Allicin which is good for various types of health benefits. From the research doctors or health professionals have suggested that garlic always helps to raise Up The nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide helps to keep the blood vessels relax therefore directly garlic helps to reduce the high blood pressure.

Many more health experts have suggested consuming garlic in the food or you can consume as raw garlic to reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Benefits of medicinal herbs

Medicinal herbs carbon used in many e diseases. At the past years normally people have been dependent on medicinal herbs instead of taking medications. Ayuveda sastra is totally depend on herbs and nowadays ayurvedic medicines have a great impact on treatment process of different kinds of diseases.

There are some of the Herbs that help to cut down the blood pressure naturally from our body like Ginger root, river lily, tomato extract, Indian plantago, cat’s claw, etc.

Habit with healthy supplements

Some of the food supplements are always helped to reduce blood pressure naturally those are

Omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acid has the various types of natural benefits to reduce so many diseases. From the research we can get to know the fish oil which is contained with Omega 3 fatty acid helps to reduce the blood pressure naturally.

Whey protein

This Complex protein is free from lactose and it has additional health benefits and it is very effective for Hypertension patients.


Magnesium is a natural mineral which can naturally diminish high blood pressure.

Take healthy high protein rich food

Doctors are suggesting that the people, who are eating more protein, suffer lower risk of blood pressure. A protein diet can cut 40% of the risk factor of hypertension. Dietitians have suggested minimum hundred gram proteins should be taken in the daily meal. High protein foods are fish like salmon, tuna, etc, eggs, chicken, peanut butter, various types of pulses, etc.


Last but not the least it is very important to reduce blood pressure that always follows the instructions by doctors. Prescribed medicine by a doctor is very essential to control the blood pressure.

Hypertension is not a life threatening disease; it can be controlled if a person will follow the instructions of doctors. We know continuous taking of medicines has adverse effects on health that’s why we have already discussed the above about the natural way to lower blood pressure. 

To mention a quality or a Healthy lifestyle is the key point to becoming a healthy person. Suppose a person who has already addicted with caffeine he or she must have cut down the obsession on Caffeine, because caffeine is always increase the blood pressure.

If the person will take green tea everyday they can balance their lifestyle in an easy way. Green tea contains weight loss antioxidants. It is a major component of a healthy life.

Consuming the balanced diet is also a basic rule of natural ways to lower blood pressure. The amount of green leafy vegetables and fruits are fifty percent based on other items. Green leafy vegetables and fruits are contained with more fibers, besides some fruits like  blueberries, strawberries, bananas, watermelon and other Citrus fruits have been recommended by Doctors can be reduced the higher risk of hypertension.

One more vital thing is Awareness of the people. If we are not aware about our health, nothing can be applicable to become a healthy person. We should keep in mind that prevention is better than cure. So always within a six month consult with a recommended physician and obviously maintain a Healthy lifestyle.

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