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A Dermatologists Tips for Using Lattice

by Gauri Kolhe

Presentation is more important than way of work done. Same as, a person’s body shape, gesture, posture and overall appearance is more important for first time expose with other. Either female or male both always wish to focus them self more on gesture or outer look rather than the other qualities.

Normally women prefer to use make up more than male and they always love to dream up to their eyes. Because eyes are the part where clearly come out the appearance very nicely so every women more conscious about their eyes. In this modern era we can erase all of our shoddy physical parts flawlessly. Like way artificial nail extension, correction of facial parts, hair extension or re growth etc are not amazed to us.

About lattice treatment

To correct the eye lashes now days we use lattice treatment. While Lattice is approved to expand hair on the eyelids, many women have handed down it to grow their hair along with eyebrows or on other parts of the body.

Lattice works by applying the body into believing that it is nighttime, which restoratives the growth phase of hair growth. Because Lattice is a prescribed drug by doctor, it’s vital to work with a dermatologist to prescribe the right dosage and schedule for you.

How it works

You may be advised to apply Lattice in the form of a liquid, which has to be applied to the skin nightly, or you may be prescribed as Lattice-filled applicator that you use to apply the liquid to the desired area. Therefore, now day dermatologist’s tips to apply lattice treatment for correcting eye lashes.

How to apply

As per the dermatologist’s tips it should apply at night, if before that eye makeup will be done it may remove properly then apply only one drop, by its applicator and not to apply with cotton pad. Applying method is same like as daily skincare routine type.

But we have to take patience when this solution is applying because it cannot work as fast it may take 3month to start its work. One vital thing is that always touch the applicator with sanitize figure, otherwise it may cause bacterial infection disease of eyes.

Is it effective?

Latisse is a approved eyelash growth drug and it is approved by FDA to grow lashes in the upper and lower eyelid areas. This medication is not a part of a eye makeup kit like a maskara, and it is not a false eyelash product. Instead, it is a dedicated medication that is applied to the upper and lower eyelids to grow eyelashes. The active component lattisse, which is a prostaglandin solution and it, is used to reduce intraocular pressure of the eye.

The price of it is not so cheap, it is near about 150$ to 170$ of price.

Who can apply or use this?

This medicine is used by person who has short, sparse eyelashes, so their aim is to grow more of their eyelashes. But it is not suitable for everyone. Patient who are suffering with glaucoma they can also use this medicine.

Best way to apply

The best way to use Latisse is to first make an appointment with your eye specialist or eye health care professional. During your appointment, your specialist will determine whether or not you are an appropriate candidate for Latisse. If you are a perfect for this treatment, your doctor will most likely start you on a low dose of Latisse. Your doctor will then apply the medication to your upper and/or lower eyelids once per day.

Applying Latisse is little bit simple. Your doctor or pharmacist will inform you about the exact dose and where to apply it. You should apply it to the upper and lower eyelids once each day, in the evening or in the night. Some people prefer to apply it to the upper and lower eyelids at the same time.

Latisse can effect on eye color

When you apply Latisse, the medication will start to act on your eyelashes and grow them. Your eyelashes will start to grow and they will be thicker, longer, and more visible. This medication may cause increased growth in eyelashes and can change the color of your eyes. This drug will not darken your eye color.

People who have had this medication applied to their eyes have seen their eyes change in color. Many people have reported that the color of their eyes has changed to a darker brownish/greenish color with the application of Latisse. The reason for this is that Latisse is a form of medicine that is applied topically to the eye.

Other products like latisse

In the market there are available lots of FDA approved product helps to increase the length of eye lashes, like Restylane (form of collagen) but it is not that much effective as latisse. Latisse is costly but it is more effective than other products and they are not intended to be used in place of Latisse.

Where can we get latisse

Latisse is not a product of eye make up, it is a medicine. So it is definitely available in the medicinal shop and you can not get the medicine without any prescription. The medical insurance is not cover up this medicine.


At last we can say latisse is a medicine and it cannot use without the medical intervention. It can work properly within the right time limit.

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