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Skeeter Syndrome: Diagnosis and Treatment

by Gauri Kolhe

Skeeter syndrome is a kind of allergic reaction to mosquito bite and caused by allergenic polypeptides present in the saliva.

Most of the people experienced in their life or you can say almost all people have this kind of reaction to mosquito bite. Skeeter syndrome is just cause’s annoyance which is very natural reaction to bite.

While people have skeeter syndrome are more sensitive to mosquito bite in comparison to others and this may develop fever.

There is no other symptom than small red bump and itching around the bite. Skeeter symptom causes people to experience serious symptoms.

The mosquito bites in people with swell up to larger size may have high fever than normal mosquito bite. This annoying reaction can be quickly seen usually within few hours.


The main cause of skeeter syndrome is the polypeptides present in saliva of mosquito which is allergic in nature.

Although most of the people are allergic to these allergic polypeptides, people suffering from skeeter syndrome are more allergic than others.

People who have weaker immune system may prone to have skeeter syndrome such as young children and older adults. Skeeter syndrome may be experienced by people who are allergic to stinging insects.

Normally with the growing age body builds up the immune system to certain allergens. That’s why children are more sensitive to mosquito bites than adults.

Diagnosis of Skeeter Syndrome


Since there is no special blood test for mosquito antibodies skeeter syndrome usually diagnosed by visual observation. Red, itchy and painful swelling referred as the skeeter syndrome.

Due to having same symptoms, skeeter syndrome with secondary bacterial infection due to broken skin and scratching.


As it is mentioned earlier that skeeter syndrome is an allergic reaction. The the bets option for the treatment of skeeter syndrome is the prevention of mosquito bites or any other insect bite.

Also there is saying that prevention is better than cure. So make sure take some precautions each and every time as you go outside.  Some common precautions are as follows:

  • Make sure to wear long sleeves and long pants to avoid skin exposure to the mosquitoes and insects.
  • In order to protect your neck, do not forger to wear a scarf or other garments.   
  • If you are going outside than make sure to carry you bug spray and applying it time to time.
  • If you are willing to enjoy a cup of tee in your evening time then use some mosquito repellant measures like using candles having citronella fragrance, wearing some bracelets containing citronella.
  • Bright colors such as yellow orange and fluorescent colors attract the mosquito and other insects so make sure to avoid wearing bright colors.
  • Not using strong perfumes is another precaution you may take as they attract mosquitoes with their fragrance.

The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology explain that DEET is an effective repellent, and that products with 6–25% DEET should be able to provide 2–6 hours of protection from mosquitoes.

However, some products may cause skin reactions in some people. it is always best to test skin products on a small area of skin before applying them to the rest of the body to protect any unwanted reaction.


1. Over-the-counter Antihistamines

Antihistaminic is the category of drugs which are responsible histamine regulation. Histamines are the group of protein which is responsible for all kinds of allergic reaction. Redness, itching and swelling also caused by histamines.

So if home remedies do not work to the allergic reaction, many of the over the counter drugs are available in the market that makes you feel much better and feel at ease.

For example some OTC antihistamines like diphenhydramine which is the active pharmaceutical ingredient of Benadryl, may helps you to reduce itching and swelling temporarily

2. OTC Topical Steroids

Some topical steroidal creams are available in the market and you can by the from any chemist shop nearby you.  Topical steroids generally contain corticosteroids as main therapeutic ingredients.

These creams may help you to soothe the allergic reactions to a mosquito bite and make you feel better. In most of the cases hydrocortisone which is also a OTC is enough to soothes the skin.   

If you are experiencing skeeter syndrome and aware of the fact of having severe reaction to mosquito bites that do not give positive response to these steroidal topical creams. Go to the doctor for the suitable prescription.           

3. Immunotherapy as an option for the treatment of Skeeter Syndrome

Even though the symptoms of skeeter syndrome can be easily managed by taking some prevention and most of the people with skeeter syndrome use OTC remedies, in some people these reactions are very serious and must need medical treatment.

To give a treatment to those serious cases, immunotherapy is the most advanced and reliable method. Generally immunotherapy is associated with the boosting immune system and fighting against   any diseases or allergens.

Allergen immune therapy or you can say allergy shots are the more reliable and permanent solution to the allergic reaction to mosquito bites and other insect bites. Generally allergy shots are considered as vaccine.

 In this treatment a very smallest amount of the allergens will inject into the person having skeeter system. Over the time period the amount of allergens will increases every time.

This process may help your body to build its own defense system against the allergic polypeptides present in the mosquito saliva.

However allergen immunotherapy is a time consuming treatment taking a lot of time like couple of months.

The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology toted that immunotherapy may take a long time as 18 months for the person to experience a significant improvement in their symptoms.

Once a person gone through the immunotherapy, he also need to continue thus treatment includes having allergy shots for approx 3-5 years after the successful treatment.

Home remedies for Skeeter Syndrome

1. Use of Ice and pain elevation

To treat a mosquito bite which causes allergic reaction  in small area you can start with the simplest home remedy which is very effective and easy to use. Guess what is it?     Ice.. is the common thing available at everyone’s place .

So elevate the area and place an ice pack n the affected area. This may help you to reduce inflammation, pain sensation and itching. It may also reduce the redness around the bite.

2. Oatmeal as a home remedy to Skeeter Syndrome


Your favorite food oatmeal surprisingly helps you to get relief in mosquito bite. Simply cook oatmeal and apply this to the affected area may helps you to get relief. Oatmeal is known to help reduce the symptoms of skeeter syndrome like pain, itchiness, redness etc.

According to a study published in the journal of drugs in dermatology it has been noted that oatmeal has the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant property. So use this to your bites.

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