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What are the earliest symptoms of being pregnant with twins?

by Gauri Kolhe

Being pregnant is already gives immense pleasure and after knowing that there are twins, makes you more happy and excited.

 The incidences of twin pregnancies are common these days, with this having multiple pregnancies is also been seen more common than ever. Often twin pregnancies can be detected at the first appointment of pregnancy but sometimes bring out early or on by a dream, passing comment and premonition. So there are several symptoms of twins available that helps you to detect twin pregnancy.

Make sure to follow your doctors or medical practitioner on any kind of suspicion about twin pregnancy as they are the only person to that can tell you twin pregnancies for sure. But till the confirmation of twin pregnancy, there are always many chances to have twin pregnancy.

Each and every pregnancy is of different kind but there may chances that you find some of the common symptoms of twins pregnancy.

Here are some of the symptoms are discussed below:

You may have some exaggerated symptoms

There is a wide range of symptoms of pregnancy starting from morning sickness, fatigue food cravings, frequent urination etc that commonly experiences by almost all the pregnant women.

This might not be as a surprise in case of twin pregnancy, presence of twins exacerbates the symptoms of pregnancy.

Some of the pregnant ladies with multiple babies report the escalating symptoms of nausea, breast tenderness, food cravings and fatigue etc.

This thing is not new for the women who already have a previous pregnancy experience but for the first time mom this will go to be a headache.

Characteristics that increases the odds

In some women a twin pregnancy just happens while there are some symptoms of twins that increases the chances of twin pregnancy including:

Family history of the couple: one of the factor works in twin pregnancy is the family history. Women having the twin genes are more susceptible to conceive twins or fraternal twin birth, in which more than one egg is released at a time. Genetics may be associated with identical twins, in which embryo divides in two.

Higher body mass index (BMI):   it has been seen that a BMI above 25 is associated with the odds of probability of having twins.

Fertility treatments: fertility treatments like in vitro fertilization has the most frequency of twin births increase and show the symptoms of twins.  As a result ovarian stimulation may release more than one egg at a time.  

Maternal age: over the age of 30, the chances of releasing more than one egg while ovulating are increases. That increases the chances of getting pregnant with twins and associated with the appearance of symptoms of twins.

Conception while breastfeeding or on birth control pills: hormone fluctuations arises at the time of breast feeding or  taking birth control pills also increases the chances of conceiving twins.

However there is no particular cause of twins, they are just like double blessing to the family.

HCP or AFP levels

In early pregnancy, your doctor or midwives can perform common screenings to check the level of Hormone named as HCP which is human chorionic gonadotropin produced during pregnancy. If the level of HCG occurs greater than normal pregnancy, this level may indicate a multiple pregnancy.

AFP screening appears later in the pregnancy and tests for the chromosomal abnormalities or birth detect.  This kind of testing refers as maternal serum screening, quad screening, triple screening or penta screening.

On the basis of the screening result, doctors may recommend the further testing and medication. The abnormal high results could be causes due to the presence of multiple babies such as twins.

Early fetal movement

Feeling the movement of baby in the womb is the most exciting moments in pregnancy. The fluttery, quivery, swishing feeling deeper in the body connects the unborn child to you, building the bond between mother and baby.

Some of the women describe this feeling like butterflies or like swimming the fish. In general women explain the feeling as quickening between the 16 and 25 weeks of pregnancy.

Although there are not enough scientific proofs to support it, some of the moms of twins report the feeling of movement earlier and more frequently in the pregnancy. This could be a sign that there are more than two little hands and tow waving feet around in the womb.

Women who already have experience the previous pregnancy generally able to recognize fetal movement earlier and on the basis of comparison and more awareness of the sensation, they can assume twin pregnancy.

Large gestational age or gaining weight rapidly

If someone says carrying two babies has a big impact on a women’s body, there is no doubt. The moms of twins not only more likely to gain more weight than a single baby mom but their uterus will also expand extra to provide accommodation to the other baby.

Most of the midwives and doctors monitor the changes include weight gain and fundal height during routine appointments. An excess of either point could be a symptom of twin pregnancy even though there are some other explanations for these point such as increased level of amniotic fluid.

Having sneaking suspicion

Having sneaking suspicion may also be a symptom of twins. Some of the old women say that double yolks are a sign of twins may ring true in some cases. Start having some dreams, intuitions, hunches and premonitions about twins also believes as a symptom of twin.

Twin pregnancy confirmation

Having twin is like a double blessing to the family and besides the symptom it has to be confirmed in order to celebrate and get prepared for the future.

Model medical techniques are able to make easy diagnosis of twins in comparison of past century. There are two ways to confirm a twin pregnancy that is ultrasound and fetal Doppler monitor.



Ultrasound is associated with image creation using sound waves. A transducer send high frequency sound waves into the body and these waves scan the organs and structures after that they produce electrical signals that later converted into the image. The image can clearly show the presence of two fetuses or two embryos in early stages of pregnancy.

In old days , ultrasound scans were not able to give a clear image in some cases such as in case of embryos close together or one embryo was obscuring the other while modern imaging have a potential to giving the clarity and precision which makes difficult to hide the embryo.

Distinct heartbeats

As in the twin pregnancy two embryos are there with distinct heart. The distinct heartbeat could be a symptom of twins. There are many tools that can be use to hear the fetal heartbeat during pregnancy. These methods include stethoscope, fetoscope or Doppler monitor.

The doctor and midwives listens the heartbeat with these instruments carefully to detect multiple distinct heartbeats and give the suspicion that there might be twins. After that ultrasound scan confirms the suspicion weather there is twins or not.

There is saying that a mother’s intuition is not wrong so trust your intuitions if you feel something exaggerated and notice the symptoms or signs whatever.

In case of any suspicion go to your doctor, get a ultrasound test and confirms the fact of having twins or not. After finding the positive result you will be able to enjoy the every moment and get a peace of mind.

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