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Foods to Kill a Sour Stomach

by Gauri Kolhe

Stomach is the vital muscular organ of digestive system. Its look like “J” shaped pouch bag, located left side of upper abdomen. The stomach releases enzymes (things which create chemical reaction) and digestive juices or acids (helps to break down the foods into simpler form).

After getting food from esophagus, the foods mix with enzymes and acids and become into simpler form. After that stomach can pass the food substances to small intestine. Stomach not only digests the foods but also stores food. Stomach normally secrets hydrochloric acid and glycoprotein.

There are some reasons for that stomach is getting upset or feel sour. Generally indigestion is a cause of it, except this other causes are-

  1. Alcohol consumption- Alcohol disturbs the digestive tract, if any person will take longer period of alcohol it may create worse feel.
  2. Fasting or empty stomach- Empty stomach for long time is also a reason of sour stomach because it secrets acid also pH balance will low which create may more acidic moment.
  3. Full of abdomen- If there will no interval for taking food may arise acidity and stomach ache.
  4. Foods to be avoid- consuming more tomato, onion, garlic and high fat foods are always refluxing the acidic condition of stomach.

There are some foods can kill the sour stomach. Taking these foods may sooth stomach. These are the natural supplements which ease sour stomach.

Ginger- From the ancient days to till now it is a natural remedy to relief from nausea.


Banana- banana is containing with high fiber, pectin also good source of other micronutrients like potassium, calcium, magnesium etc. It helps to digest the food easily along with helps to absorb water.

Coconut water- It is a magical water or food to kill the sour stomach due to its magical properties of nutrients like natural sugar, vitamin c, potassium, magnesium etc.  

Coconut Water during Pregnancy

Baking soda- Baking soda is chemically inbuilt alkaline product, so it has natural property to reduce acidic nature and helps to increase the pH balance of stomach.

Green tea or herbal tea- Green tea or herbal tea is not containing with caffeine. Green tea or herbal tea is the source of lots of antioxidants which are help to reduce the acidic sensation of stomach, reduce inflammation and helps to get rid from sour stomach.

Yogurt- It is an amazing thing to reduce the stomach pain magically. Yogurt is containing with probiotics means good bacteria. This thing is help to get rid from irritable bowel syndrome.  

Water – benefit of water is uncountable. Water makes our body hydradate also it helps the pH balance of the body and digestive system. Water is also the good source to get rid from sour stomach.

At the end we must remind that these are home remedies but these are not medicine therefore if the problem will serious definitely consults with doctor.

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