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What are Those Little White Bumps on Vagina?

by Gauri Kolhe

There are some unpleasant things that happen to us sometimes like bumps or lumps on genital areas. Bumps can be seen on or around penis, anus, vagina and labia. Lumps may feel right underneath the skin which cannot be seen. Sometimes a woman will think it is a cyst. Cysts are the most common incident and can arise any place of the body.

Cyst is normally caused by a blocked sweat or apocrine and skin or sebaceous gland in the area of the vulva. Little white bumps on vagina are most common and look like a white head pimples on the face, on the genital side cysts are called epithelial inclusion cyst.

Though lumps and bumps on the genital areas are common things but whenever it becomes itchy or infected at that time it requires special attention.

Common parts of genital areas for women

  • The vagina- it is the internal genital part that ends at the cervix which opens into the uterus
  • Vulva- it is the external part that includes the following parts –
  • mons pubis (looks like triangular pad of fat on pubic bone),
  • labia majora(external lip can protect the genital areas),
  • labia minora (inner lips opening on vagina),
  • skene’s glands or bartholin’s gland (these glands are producing lubricant).

Causes of Little White bumps on vagina

Genital bumps or little white bumps on vagina are normal but some of cases it may require medical attention so the causes are

  • Most common cause is allergy or allergic reaction or irritation due to the use of harsh shops, Douches, scented sanitary pads, use of scented condoms or using of any triggering agent. If rashes are persist so immediately contact the doctor.
  • Another cause is folliculitis, it is the inflammation or infection of hair follicles which can root or bump on labia. it is can happen in time of shaving, wearing tight clothes, using unhygienic product etc.
  • Vulva is also spotted with glands. If the glands get obstructed, it can be form as cyst. These are very hard small bumps or cysts and painless if they will not be infected. These type cysts are different from others.
  • Vaginal cyst is also one of the common bumps on vagina. It usually forms after childbirth or any vaginal injury and it is not painful or harmful most of the time but consult with a doctor if painful intercourse will happen.
  • Underneath the skin glands or bumps are small white in colors on the labia majora’s inner area. They are usually seen after puberty and these are painless as well as not harmful.
  • In time of Menopause most of women is experiencing the inflammatory skin condition it causes pain in time of urinating, actually thin shiny skin that can tear easily, blisters and white bumps on the vaginal lips that can be itch.
  • Genital herpes is also one cause of white little bumps on vagina. Due to herpes simplex virus it may occur with symptoms of fever, itchiness and acute genital pain. Some time it turns into blister and sore formation into vaginal area.
  • Unprotected sex carries sexual transmitted disease or vagianl infection. For this reason small skin colored bumps may seen on vulva with itching sensation and closely disposed warts (warts look like cauliflower shaped). It is known as HPV (human papillomavirus). It can be curable and warts often go away by own, if it will serious then contact with doctor.
  • Time of pregnancy some of women may experience like swollen blue color veins and raised bumps on vaginal area which are painless but itching sensation may feel uncomfortable. It may persist within six weeks of pregnancy and obviously curable but if it will longer then consults with gynecologist.
  • At the time of intercourse if it may painful most of couple used lubricant. Using non medicated or perfumed lubricant most of the time will creates the bumps, irritation and inflammation on genital parts.  

What may happen if bumps will pop in vagina?

Popping bumps on vagina is not good sign but if it may happen then bacterial infection rate will higher due to spreading the bacteria all over the area of vagina also feel more irritation surrounding area of vagina. Suppose bumps will not pop out or fade out own, it is not problem but if feel discomfort or irritation then immediate contact with health experts.

Tips to prevent bump:

  • We know prevention is better than cure, so maintain hygiene or following the hygienic rule can cure the vaginal little bump. Always wipe out the genital portion front to back, change sanitary pads or tampons within 6hrs and regularly should change underwear, these things can diminish the bacterial growth and can get rid from vaginal bumps.
  • Always wear cotton and loose underwear so it can promote air circulation on genital portion which may reduce damp or moist condition on vaginal area and diminish the bacterial growth.
  • Harsh soaps, sodas, scented product and plain water can effect on pH balance of vaginal portion. Changing pH balance is reason of irritation therefore always using mild, non -perfumed cleansing agent along with warm water for cleansing the vaginal area.
  • Using condom or safe practice sex is best way to prevent sexual transmitted disease along with it can prevent genital herpes.
  • Do not disrupt white little bumps on vagina by own which may become more serious, therefore if any discomfort condition will arise always contact with particular doctor.
  • If the vaginal portion may feel dry or arise painful intercourse use medicated lubricant or pure coconut oil, because scented lubricant can change pH balance and arise discomfort.

Moreover little bumps on vagina or vulva are not a serious issue or not to concern more but when it may discomfort more means it may create itchier or inflammation sensation, persist any rashes on genital portion more than a week, arise painful condition on that time it may be a serious matter and always consult with physician also obey the proper medication.

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