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Health Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil

by Gauri Kolhe

Essential oils are amazing for its versatile use and it is well known as ‘essential’ because of their sweet essence or fragrance. It has own impact in our daily life. Essential oils are made from the several parts of flower, herbs, peels of fruits or vegetables, leaves, roots, bark of trees etc. The oil can be used as inhaled, diluted or direct massage on skin.

Aroma of the oils can differentiate from other and it has several health benefits. Some of well-known oils like Rose oil, sandal oil, clove oil, chamomile, jasmine. Green tea extracts oil etc.

About Frankincense oil

Frankincense is an Essential oil which is popular as “the king of Essential oil” and also known as oilbum and it is made from resin and Boswellia tree. This type of tree mainly grows in the dry hilly region of India, Africa and Middle East.

For sweet, spicy and Woody fragrance frankincense, is mostly used in aromatherapy. From the Bible we can get to know about its use like in the birth time of Jesus Christ it was granted as a gift to him. It has been utilized for hundreds of years in many religions, prayer, ceremonies, rituals also used in ayurvedic Shastra.

At present from the research we are aware about the application of frankincense essential oil, it is not only used as a beauty product or beauty supplement it also has many Wings in the medical or health field. It helps to improve arthritis; digestion also assists to reduce asthma and helps to betterment in oral health. Even though, it helps to fight certain types of cancer.

It is treated as a massage oil and it may helps to increase calmness by spraying the oil around our room.

How it is making?

Naturally this frankincense essential oil is removed from the boswellia tree when the bark of the tree is cut then the resin is left to set and then confined off the tree. It may be used dry to make Essential oil.

It can be made through the diffuser by that way it has a relaxing Woody fragrance. A few drops sometimes may be utilized for peace, kinship and meditation.

Health benefits

  1. There are lots of health benefits of this amazing essential oil-1.Reduce arthritis- The anti inflammatory substance of frankincense essential oil has helped to reduce the pain of arthritis also assist to improve the painful condition of arthritis. Research shows that the acid of boswellia secretion helps to arrest the secretion of inflammatory agent leukotrienes. This essential oil helps to reduce swelling, pain, joint stiffness which are related with arthritis.
  2. Get rid from gut problem- Frankincense essential oil also improve the gut problem and digestion disorders. Its inflammatory property and other herbal medicine helps to reduce abdominal pain, anxiety as well as blotting, bowel syndrome etc. Ulcerative colitis also diminishes with the help of resin which is one of the components of this oil. People will get rid from ulcerative colitis within 4 weeks if they take daily boswellia extract. Daily dose of boswellia can prevent the chronic diarrhea it should consume daily till 6 weeks.
  3. Arrest asthma- Frankincense essential oil can also help to betterment of Asthma. It is a miracle that it can manage Bronchitis also. Doctors are suggesting that boswellia extract can arrest asthma. In a small research we can get to know people who consume a daily supplement of 500 mg boswellia extract with their prescribed Asthma treatment, they are capable of taking breath with their regular medication within 4 week.
  4. Betterment of oral health- this essential while is also best for fighting harmful microorganisms that are seen in our oral area. The boswellic acid helps to destroy the oral microorganisms by their strong antibacterial properties. Frankincense extract is very effective on the bacteria which are causing severe gum disease. Dentists are recommending that frankincense can decrease the source of infection in the mouth so it is very effective to maintain healthy oral health.
  5. Improving on menstruation cycle- this Essential oil helps to decrease the obstruction and delayed Menstruation cycle it also effective on time of menopause. It has some miracle components which work on Premenstrual syndrome like reducing the abdominal pain, nausea, headache, fatigue as well as helps to reduce mood swings.
  6. Working on scars- most interesting things of this oil that if you will apply on the scars area or acne or in the skin patches you will get the mind blowing result. This also helps to fade the stretch marks and surgery scars. It is also very useful for the skin of pregnant mothers as well as the new mothers.
  7. Improve the health quality of the uterus- it is amazing for uterine health it helps to regulate the production of estrogen hormone and diminish the prone of getting post menopause tumor or cyst development in the uterus. It helps to regulate the gynecologic condition or irritation which may create complications in certain women.
  8. Act as an antiseptic- The king of Essential oil frankincense, acts as an antiseptic it has been used for decades for cleansing, sanitizing, aromatherapy and General Health purposes. It can prevent infection also.
  9. Skin care- it has the quality of antibacterial antiseptic and antioxidants so it is best for any skin type or any skin problem. It helps to get rid from skin damage, diminishing inflammation, and other severe problems of skin. It performs as a deep moisturizer of dry skin and also assists to protect the skin from the damage. Along with it regulates skin cells strong, plum and maintains elasticity.
  10. Hair care- along with skin care it is also amazing in hair maintenance. This oil can assist to keep hair silky and shiny, and also moisturizes the hair. It prevents dryness and dandruff.
  11. Can fight against cancer- dress amazing Essential oil also even fight against the various types of cancers. It may help to fight against and quell brain tumors, prostate cancers, breast cancers, pancreatic cancer, Melanoma etc.
  12. Wipe out stress and negativity- we know it is an important part of many rituals of some cultures, so naturally it can purify and wipe out the negativity.  Same as this Essential oil helps to relieve our stress, depression as well as helps to reduce anxiety, for its antioxidant property. It is used as a medicine for sleep disorder. 
  13. Act as an astringent- frankincense oil is treated as a natural astringent means it helps to cure the entire skin problem, it is giving a better result on acne and wounds and also helps to diminishing the stretch marks and scars. It is antibacterial oil so it helps to decrease the closed pores and decrease the sebum production in individuals with oily skin.
  14. Helps in digestion- it has amazing digestive properties. without any side effects  it helps to digestion easily, when we may consume  antacids ( common medicine )which only put down the symptoms, but this oil open up the secretion of digestive juices in the stomach and helps to
  15. Effective result on covid 19- Its anti inflammatory property very much effective of covid 19. Time of covid 19 infection this essential oil creates obstruct with the body’s inflammatory reaction.

Except the above benefits it has some other benefits like-

Other benefits –

Accept the other benefits frankincense Essential oil has some of other benefits means it can be used in various ways like body massage oil, as hair care treatment, hot oil treatment for arthritis, in aromatherapy, as health supplement etc.

It also improves memory power. Research has shown that regular intake of frankincense oil with foods will improve memory power. Its anti-inflammatory substance helps to reduce the inflammation in heart disease.

Pattern of use of this Essential oil

‘The king of Essential’ oil frankincense can be used in various way to get rid from the harsh conditions. you can consume it as a supplement in the form of a capsule or Tablet, or you can use it directly on skin as a cream.

We know it has an impact on aromatherapy so it is important that it dilutes form with oil before applying it on the skin. Normally it is safe to use but with supplements when we will take we must talk with a doctor or Health Care professional before we consume it.


Dosage of any medicine or supplement may vary person to person. Normally for asthma doctors are given 200 or 500 mg per day, for osteoarthritis 170 MG twice per day for ulcerative colitis 250 mg per day. It is also used as an ointment for arthritis and the gum for oral health.

There is no perfect dosage information for ointment. Before taking or consuming supplements due to health problems we must talk with a doctor or Health Care professional for recommended dosage.

It can be applied directly on the face as in your skin care routine, for arthritis it can be applied directly to a joint or inflamed area. 

Toxic effect

Boswellia and resin have low toxicity so it was mostly safe for most people and it has been used for thousands of years. But if anybody will consume more than 900 mg it may have some toxic effects but there is no such type of proof. However some people have experienced nausea, cramps, diarrhea etc after using frankincense Essential oil, if it is like that, you should consult with your doctor.

Before buying this feature we should keep on mind

Read the level- if you want to buy a pure frankincense oil then you have to read about the product description and as well as you have to know the ingredients used orally and you should check the spelling of the ‘frankincense’. The wrong spelling shows can be duplicate frankincense oil.

See the color of bottles- we know the essential oils bottle color may be and it should be made with glass because they are sensitive to sunlight and plastic means it shows quick reaction if it is direct on sunlight or it may keep in a plastic bottle. For long lasting use the Essential oil should be placed in a dark blue glass container and it should Store at room temperature and away from sunlight. 

Brand name is important- brand name means reputed  brand has concentrate on customer reviews, so  whenever they will make this oil They must be concerned about their compositions and other ingredients also therefore it is very much effective rather than the cheaper oil. 

Some substitute oils for frankincense oil- here we use this Essential oil for daily purposes, aromatherapy, for health care so here are some ingredients of this particular product. 

CBD oils – CBD oil has the same health benefits it has used in inflammation pain relief cancer skin care etc, also it can best for reducing stress relaxing and boost of mood.

Hemp oil – hemp oil is not only similar to CBD oil but also they are coming from the same plant. The difference is hemp is made from the seeds of the plant while CBD oil is made from leaves flower and the buds. Hemp is a good resource of vitamins fatty acid feature most useful for reducing the fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

Lavender oil – lavender is popular for skin care and Wellness, so the oil of lavender is such beautiful and amazing oil for acne, skin pimples and other skin problems. It can also help to reduce mood swings, stress respiratory disorders etc.

Coconut oil – coconut oil is very popular and it also has Mini E benefits which are attaching with hair care skin care teeth care and it is also an antibacterial component.

Jojoba oil – it is an antioxidant moisturizing product as well as antibacterial and astringent.


The king of Essential oil frankincense is truly amazing; it has lots of benefits in aromatherapy beauty care, health issues, Chorn’s disease and other things. This oil is safe for all age group of persons. If any one may experience its adverse effect on that time should consult with doctor.

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