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The Benefits of Starting Your Day with a Walk

by Gauri Kolhe

To stay healthy then you need to put your food outside. From the line we may confuse what should we do for staying as a healthy person. Being a healthy person we should do regular exercise and maintain a Healthy lifestyle, consume balanced diet etc.

As an example of physical exercise walking is best among others. Actually there are many types of physical activities like jogging, going to the gym,  some Cardio exercises etc but many people find it difficult to do heavy exercise or going out for jogging.

Some people cannot go to the gym or hire a personal trainer for that. Therefore walking always sparkles at the top. Walking not only makes us healthy but also can purify our mind.

The benefits of walking regularly are dynamic and fruitful for a healthy lifestyle. Daily walking schedule can help us more than just not to lose weight but also it prevents heart disease, joint pain, mental health, lung disease, and boosts up our immunity system  as well as strengthens our body. 

1. Lift up energy level

Regular walk gives more energy in the whole day. Research shows that an adult who walks for 20 minutes, they can boost up with more energy rather than staying inside. Morning energy always brings a positive thinking to our mind also.

2. Kick out the risk of diabetes

A fast walk can reduce 300 calories from the body. It helps to reduce body fat and drain preserved sugar from the body.

Along with that, morning walks also help to diminish the sugar craving which is beneficial to our health by that way it can improve the sugar levels and can reduce the risk of type 2diabetes.

The benefit of morning walk actually helps to regulate the functioning of insulin and glucagon of a body. Those hormones are responsible for glucose use up in the blood vessels. So morning walks are also good for those people who are already having diabetes and want to put down their sugar levels.

3. Helps to cut down body weight

On coming new year if your plan or goal is to lose weight, walking is the best way to do it. Regular 30 min walk helps to burn 150 calories. Along with a healthy diet you can achieve your goal.

4. Kick out depression and anxiety

A healthy person becomes healthy when the person will fit and fine both physically and mentally. Mentally fit and fine is more necessary than being physically fit. Morning walks make us feel a positive happiness which is very much needed to pass a day. 

30 minutes of brisk walking helps to release endorphins, which are known as happy hormones and by that way mood will be boosted. We can get more energy, and we can come out of a depressed state. Morning walks can also help to protect our memory and it also helps to improve our cognitive skills.

5. Improve the memory power

Benefits of morning walks are several, like it assists to improve our memory power, now question is how it is? Regular working enhances the blood circulation and oxygen flow in the body so it can decrease stress level so the brain volume inflates and helps to boost the function of the brain. As a result it can prevent any types of mental health issues such as memory degeneration, dementia and Alzheimer’s also. 

6. Cut down the Sleepless Night

Are you facing Sleepless Nights? If yes, then a regular morning work routine can help you. It helps to put down your mind and assists to utilize the stored energy in your body along with this it helps to stay active throughout the day so you can alter your sleep pattern and get a sound sleep.

Walking utilizes the stored energy from the body and as a result your body gets tired. It happens due to when people are not doing less or no such physical activities.

Now if physical activity starts then definitely a body needs a proper rest by that way regular morning walk helps to regulate the sleep cycle and it gives you a sound sleep 

7. Enhances lungs capacity

Due to the benefit of walking it may increase the power of the lung to pump more oxygen. Obviously it depends on the speed of walking, because walking helps to increase the energy level and increase the oxygen saving capacity of our lungs.

Along with this the body muscles and tissue need more oxygen levels to carry out the necessary enzyme for regulating the proper body function. When we walk fast it improves our lung capacity and helps to improve oxygen supply to all the parts of the body.

8. Helps to reduce heart diseases

High blood pressure level can diminish by walking. Regular 30 minutes walk in morning help us to maintain the blood pressure and it can cut out the risk of heart stroke, actually it helps to enhances the blood circulation and also improved to reduces the strain on our heart by lowering triglycerides level.

9. Walking reduces the muscle and joint pain

Regular fast walking is very much good to handle arthritis and osteoporosis. It assists to reduce joint pain. Few extra footsteps gives enough movement of our joints as well as the muscles, so it also confers them enough energy to relieve the stiffness and pain. So walking helps lubricate and assists to get rid from joint pain and helps to strengthen muscles.

10. Reduces the risk of cancer

Regular morning walk plays an important role to maintain our healthy body white so it helps to reduce the risk of breast cancer and also other endometrial cancers. An active lifestyle and improved immunity helps to better blood circulation by that way it can diminish the risk of forming cancerous cells.

Other benefits

Besides the above mentioned benefits there are several other benefits. Actually it has much goodness like- it makes our skin healthy, kick out the morning laziness, boost up our digestion power etc.

Lastly, one thing should remember when you start to decide to go for morning walk, then make a goal and gradually increase your number of footsteps. When you achieve your goal, you may feel full of joy like top of ice on ice cream. Regular morning walks definitely diminish the chronic diseases and improve the healthy life styles.

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