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Why is Obesity a Health Problem?

by Gauri Kolhe

Not fitted that nice dress of last year? Are you upset to see your last year snap? Do your knees get upset some time? If all the answers will yes, then the symptoms or sign shows you that you have putted some fat and you have gained extra pound. The result is obesity.

At this modern era obesity is major problem not in India but also it is major cause of various diseases in all over the world. Research shows that day to day obesity problem graph index has increased as sky lifting.

What is obesity?

Obesity is a complicated disorder depositing extra amount fat on body. Adults’ human being if they have more than 30 BMI (body mass index) consider as an obese person.

 Obesity or extra pound of body weight brings lots of diseases like heart problem, high blood pressure, diabetic, arthritis, joint pain and many more. So it is not a fashion concern matter, it is a medical issue.

Within over night or within a month it cannot curable, we cannot get rid from obesity problem by medicine. Actually there is not particular medicine for obesity, maintaining proper life style, regular physical work with proper diet help to shape our body.

Causes of obesity

Addiction with junk food there is no person who is not love junk food. From the age group of five to fifty everybody are addicted with junk food. Fried food, too much of spices, other food preservatives or ingredients and food colors make the food more tasty but it is lack of nutrients, which is cause of over eating and we put on extra fat on our body.

Improper diet wrong eating tendency is major cause of obesity. Our daily food chart should be with proper amount of nutrients like proper amount of fat, protein, carbohydrate, fruits, vegetable and roughage. From childhood age we must follow it because obesity cannot come in an overnight.

Connections with genetics – Genetics and obesity have a strong bonding. Offspring of obese parents have a tendency to become healthier than the children of thin parents.

Lack of physical activity- at this technology era brings lots of ways to do our work, which is also cause of less involvement of physical activity. More obesity problems arise due to lack of physical activity.

Hormonal imbalance- imbalance of thyroid hormone and insulin are causes of obesity. 

More sugar and chocolate consumption- excess sugar or sugar contains food and chocolates bring more calories if we will not burn that properly, it may cause obesity.

How to know are you an obese person?

Body mass index is helps to calculate our body weight and also signifies our weight status. It is very easy to calculate like first your weight divide by your height and then the dividing sum again divide by your height. Now there are so many apps and online facilities to calculate your BMI level.

The BMI chart is- if your BMI level 8.5 to 24.9it means you are a healthy person,

Suppose your BMI level is 25 to 30 it indicates that you are overweight. 30 to 39.9 indicate you are an obese person. More than 40 is definitely serious matter and indicates you are an acutely obese person.

Preventive measure of obesity

There are various ways by which we can gradually manage our obesity.

Burn your calories- when we will burn our extra calories by that we can reduce our extra weight. Daily exercise, Pranayam and yoga help us to reduce weight by burning calories.

Cut down on junk foods- to become a healthy person we have to follow the proper diet which is rich with the proper amount of Carbohydrate, protein, fats, raw vegetables, fruit and roughage.

Walking everyday- everyday footsteps or walking is the best way to prevent obesity.

Controls on sugary foods- consume proper amount and minimum sugar into our daily lifestyle which can control our weight.

Except the above mentioned preventive measures, we have to follow the proper routine and Healthy lifestyle. We should not take any alcohol or other addictive things which may cause obesity.

Risk factor of obesity

Due to obesity there are several risk factors. Many more obesity problems can snatch our life from relatives. Obese related health problems are-

Heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure- most common problem due to this is high blood pressure which can cause sudden stroke, many more cardiovascular diseases also heart blockage.

Infertility- extra pounds for women brings the sadness of motherhood. Now obesity is a major cause of infertility.

Digestive issues- heartburn, gallbladder disease, liver problems, stomach pain, fatty liver etc have been seen by obesity.

Joint pain and osteoarthritis- excess weight increase the pressure on the weight-bearing joints, so most of the time after certain days the joint becomes weaker and people will experience osteoarthritis. 

Type 2 diabetes- excess weights can affect also the level of insulin hormone which can control the blood sugar level. The imbalance level of insulin may cause type 2 diabetes.

Quality of life -Obesity can shrink the overall peaceful and quality of life. When you will suffer as an obese patient you may not be capable to do physical activities which you used to do. Depression and social isolation are common symptoms nowadays due to obesity.

Relation with cancer- cancer is not a primary disease but it is an accumulation of individual diseases which can happen due to obesity.

Treatment and test for obesity

From the BMI range calculation we can get to know about our health condition along with being aware of our body weight that we are obese or underweight.

Some of the test detects obesity

Look after on previous health history- from the health history a doctor can get to know about the health status of a particular person, like eating pattern, medication list, past medical conditions etc. Detailed history of a patient helps to detect and analyze the reason behind the particular problem.

Blood examine- lipid profile test, sugar test cholesterol test, liver function test and thyroid test are common test to detect obesity. Actually those things are directly related with obesity.

General check up – examine the height, heart rate, blood pressure levels, body temperature Heartbeat, breathing pattern are also help to detect the condition of a obese person.

Health and healthy life both are precious for us so it is vital for us to maintain a balanced life style along with maintaining healthy weight.

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