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Immunity After Covid-19 Vaccine: 6 Facts You Need to Know

by Gauri Kolhe

Covid-19 disease is serious and life threatening disease. Researchers from all over the world made their efforts to develop vaccine in order to prevent this illness and successfully developed vaccine.

As many of the people getting vaccine over the country, the curiosity about how long takes it develop immunity after covid-109 vaccine wondering the people. Many of the health experts clear the doubt by giving answers to the question of people regarding immunity after covid-19 vaccine.

Infectious disease expert Dr. Kristen marks specialist at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center and an associate professor of medicine in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Weill Cornell Medicine shares some facts about immunity after covid-19 vaccine you need to know.

6 Facts You Need to Know: Immunity After Covid-19 Vaccine

1. Covid-19 vaccines are very effective and may help to prevent the severest of disease

In United States Pfizer- BioNtech and moderna vaccines were approved under emergency use authorization by FDA and have been proved effective. In phase 3 of clinical trials, both vaccines were found to be 95% effective in the early months of vaccination.

In other words out of 100 people who gotten covid, 95 people of get prevented.  According to the statement of Dr. Kristen Marks, “It definitely provides some protection, but it’s not perfect”.                                       

In earlier data it has been found that people who came in the contact of corona virus did not develop severe illness. Dr. Marks says “So even if it doesn’t completely prevent illness, the study data shows that it does reduce the severity”.

The third vaccine by Johnson & Johnson also provides protection against covid-19 by 72 % efficacy rate in moderate to severe diseases and was 85 percent effective in preventing severe disease. People who got Johnson & Johnson vaccine during clinical trials of covid-19 no one of the subjects was hospitalized or died after 28 days.    


2. How long immunity will last?

Since the vaccine was authorized to use in emergency conditions, scientists didn’t get enough time to conduct proper clinical trials before the launching. They just found out that vaccine will protect people from getting illness after getting the second dose but they don’t know how long the immunity after covid-19 vaccine going to last.

Dr. Marks says that “We really don’t know whether you’re still immune a year after vaccination, “Some of the clinical trials will study adding a booster in a year and comparing whether that’s better or if the immunity is just as good for two years with the two shots. That remains to be determined.”

3. You must have to get both doses of the two-dose vaccines

According to scientific studies, getting two doses of BioNtech and moderna vaccine is compulsory to achieving the good antibody response so that immunity develop properly and last for a long period of time.                         

“There’s been talk of using one dose of the mRNA vaccines, and I’m not in favor of that, because I think that the protection provided by the first dose of these vaccines should be thought of as a bridge to the next dose,” says Dr. Marks. “You need that second dose to get the full immunity.”

According to Dr. Marks protection appears 14 days after first dose and initial protection may disappear over time that’s why there is a need to get second shot of the covid-19 vaccine.


4. You don’t need to start again if you miss you second dose

In case of moderna vaccine and BioNtech vaccine two doses recommended to be more effective. Second dose of Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine recommended after 21 days of first dose while moderna vaccine second dose recommended after 28 days of first dose of administration.

The type of the vaccine should be same as first. Due to some circumstances if someone unable to take second dose and misses the recommended window, that doesn’t  mean you have to start again from the first dose.                     

“There will definitely be reasons sometimes why people may miss it or their doctor may recommend they delay it. Everyone else should try to get it as close as they can to the recommended date.”

Dr. Marks says that “You don’t need to restart the series you just get the second one late”.

5. Mild reactions to the vaccine are just your immune system doing

After getting vaccine lot of people ponder about the side effects they are going to happen after vaccination such as fever, headache and arm rash etc. they also think about side effects can be prevented by getting second dose.

In response of these questions Dr. Marks says that “These mild side effects are actually just your immune system responding. They are often more pronounced after the second dose. It means you have a vigorous immune system when you get those reactions.

If you don’t feel   well after first dose than you should take time to prepare for the next dose. If the allergic reactions are severe then talk to your doctor but in normal cases people go for the second dose.                          

Health expert Dr. Marks also said that you should not get worry if you feel not any effects after vaccine shot. He said “We know from the studies, some people also have no reaction to the vaccine. “So if you do not experience these mild reactions this is not a cause for concern either.”

6. If there is need to continue taking the precaution after vaccine?

Precaution are plays an important role to prevent the disease. Most of the people are wondering, if they really have to take precaution after getting vaccinated? The answer is yes you need to take precaution.

Although vaccination prevent the people from the covid-19 disease, that doesn’t mean they can recommend stopping taking precautions like social distancing, hand washing and hygiene, wearing mask.

Dr. Marks  states that “Right now there’s so much COVID circulating, getting the vaccines doesn’t mean you can go back to life as before and I  think it’s important to continue to take all the recommended precautions, so you can protect yourself and others. We really get a decrease in the COVID that’s circulating, all of that remains necessary.”

So with this knowledge go for vaccination and keep taking precaution to protect yourself and others too.

Stay safe stay healthy………..

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