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Exercise after COVID Vaccination: Are There Risks

by Gauri Kolhe

In the era 2021 we just stand on the time of digitization which has been made by covid-19. Covid-19 has totally rotated our lives over the past two years. It’s just like spinning 360 degrees of world life. Now everything we’re just performing through the digitization, without online we cannot start our daily life.

The way of our interaction with each other, our thinking process, our daily life style, everything have changed drastically. One important thing is there, it has even Switched the way of exercise like digital fitness style has blasted and the exercise is more easily available than ever. 

Before the days of vaccination we were just confined only at home, rarely we can go outside. These days the accessibility of covid-19 vaccine is assisting us to come back to our daily life in a bit of a normal way. Many of us now can move here and there like we can go back to our gym, poolside, workplace and other places. But after vaccination we may be thinking that we can do exercise after getting the vaccine or not or how short we can do it or how much we can do it?

All of the above questions the answer is yes. There is no research, has conveyed that it may be harmful to do the exercise after the covid-19 vaccination

But many people noticed they have got some of the side effects after the first dose of the 2 dose vaccine. The researchers have shown that about 50% of people got tolerable to extreme side effects after their second dose.

That’s why the people who are experiencing more side effects wonder whether they can do the exercise after covid 19 vaccine or not? Some people may have to wait a few hours or even 12 days after their second dose covid vaccination. Very rare cases show a person has got an allergic reaction after vaccination, it starts (allergy) typically within 4 hours.

Other common symptoms are

Fatigue, headache, muscle pain, body pain, fever, nausea, redness and swelling.

So exercise after covid-19 vaccine may not be a problem if the levels of side effects are less.

Risk factors

Normally after the Second dose of vaccine 50% off People have experienced vaccine Side Effects. Fatigue is the usual side effect. So exercise can be practiced after this type of side effects. If the side effects will be more then exercise may restrict. Other wise there will no real side effects. Physicians are advised to the people to take rest minimum a day. After getting covid-19 vaccination, always stay hydrated; consume nutritious food which can heal their symptoms faster.

When to avoid the exercises

It is not suitable to do excessive exercise immediately after getting the vaccine.

 Allergy prone people have to wait for a moment, if the symptom will occur immediately contact the doctor.

Same thing for people who have the history of asthma or any respiratory disorder, he or she must avoid doing excessive aerobic exercise until the response from their body. 

Heavy weight lifting, jogging tennis badminton, basketball should all be avoided immediate after covid 19 immunization. 

Modify your work out plan:

There are no specific hard and fast rules of the pattern of exercise. Doctors are not recommended for any specific type of exercise after covid-19 vaccine.

 We know exercise is an immunity promoter so automatically each may even grow up the effectiveness of the vaccine if anybody will continue their workout.

Exercise can increase the ability of the vaccine by increasing antibody concentration. So this is one benefit of exercise after covid 19.

Moderate exercise is always beneficial for our daily life, so doctors are advised to do everyday walking, jogging, meditation, Pranayam, yoga etc after the covid-19 vaccination. 

If the body responds properly then the people can go with aerobic exercise also, it varies person to person.

Surya Namaskar is recommended exercise after the vaccine because it is always treated as an immunity booster for physical and mental health.

In a research of 2021 on exercise and in immunity related researchers showed that normal to excessive physical exercise can reduce 31% risk of community-acquired diseases and 37% reduce the risk of mortality from contaminate diseases.

Generally there is no adverse effect of exercise till the person may feel any side effects symptom.


Water helps to detoxification of our body also it helps to remove the toxin material from our body as well as it helps to hydrate our body. So it can be very beneficial to drink more water after getting the vaccine, especially if you get a fever. Due to the excessive temperature, fever can cause dehydration of the body. That’s why doctors recommended taking more fluid like water, fruit juice, soup etc when having a higher fever.

The Research paper of 2003 has discussed the necessity of fluid intake; from there we can get to know more fluid helps to reduce severe problems related with fever like dengue fever.

Sometimes exercise creates a feeling of sickness. At that time anybody can reduce their exercise intensity like they can walk instead of jogging.

Side Effects or other symptoms should get over within a couple of days after receiving the vaccine. If it is not then immediate consult with a doctor and anyone who notices their increased fever, fatigue, breathing problems, headache etc when they are doing the exercise then should not perform any exercise without the permission of a medical professional.

Doctors generally advised to take aspirin Ibuprofen, acetaminophen to get rid of the vaccine side effects.

Paracetamol is a common medicine for it. But taking medicine or responding medicine against symptoms, it depends on person to person so don’t be taken medicine without doctor recommendation.

Exercise always helps to reduce pain in the body, assists to cut down the chronic diseases, helps to boost up the immunity level along with this it also gives positive energy for mental health. Along with exercise, drink plenty of water and take anti-inflammatory medicine to cut down your risk factor or side effects. 

Due to covid 19 or after the vaccine program also people get weaker so doctors always recommended to take nutritious foods, fruits and more vitamins and minerals. 

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