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11 Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

by Gauri Kolhe

Beautiful and healthy teeth not only help you to chew food they also makes you look beautiful with a beautiful smile.

So you must need to take good care of your teeth ad when it comes to the ways to keep your teeth healthy there are many ways along with brushing your teeth. To achieve healthy teeth it is very crucial to take right steps and this involves choosing right oral care routine and go for daily habits good for oral health.

Some ways to keep your teeth healthy mentioned as follows:

1. Do not go for sleep without brushing teeth

Dentist recommends brushing your teeth before bed for a reason. The plaque covers the gumline and promotes bacterial growth and leaving that unclean causes gum disease and cavities eventually. So make sure to brush your teeth at night to remove accumulated plaque.

2. Do Brushing in proper manner

The manner you brush is an important equally important factor in order to maintain oral health. If you are used to do poor brushing then it is equal to almost not brushing your teeth. You need to take your time to brush the teeth, moving the brush in gentle and circular motion to remove plaque so that it cannot turn hard and causes calculus buildup and gingivitis.

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3. Clean your tongue

While cleaning your teeth do not ignore your tongue because plague can also accumulate on the tongue. This can cause bad mouth odor and also cause other oral health problems. So make sure to brush your tongue gently while cleaning you teeth to prevent the oral health problem.

4. Flossing teeth

May of us ignore flossing while brush on regular basis but you will be surprise to know that flossing you teeth is equal to brushing daily. Flossing is not only used to get rid of the pieces of food that stuck in between your teeth this also stimulates the gums, reduce plaque accumulation and reduce the gum inflammation.

To get all these benefits you just need to floss your teeth once in a day.

5. Don’t let stop you flossing due to any difficulty

Flossing is not as easy as it sounds. Young children and older adults with arthritis face difficulties while flossing. But rather than give up flossing just go for the doctor, consult and look for a better tool that help you floss your teeth easily.

6. Use mouthwash

There are many advertisement pop during your favorite show about mouthwash are necessary to oral health but most of the people used to skip them as they don’t know how do they work to maintain oral hygiene.

Dr. Schwartz says about the mechanism of mouthwash in three ways. Mouthwash first reduce the amount of acid in the mouth, second clean the areas that are herd to clean with brush and third one is re-mineralizing the teeth.

So ask your dentist some recommendation for a good mouthwash and use them in prescribed manner.

7. Try to use toothpaste containing fluoride

toothpaste containing fluoride

When looking around the corner of toothpaste in a convenience store there are many choice you can have and despite the whitening power and different flavors there are many other elements you should look for.

So when it comes to choose toothpaste no matter what flavor or brand you choose just make sure to choose toothpaste contain fluoride.

While fluoride has been under investigation about its safety concern regarding human health, this component is ace when it comes to oral health. Fluorides have the defense against tooth decay and also fight against germ as well as create a protection barrier to the teeth.                  

8. Increase water intake

Water is essential to human as well as continues to be best drink to your oral health. Water helps to wash out the negative effects of sticky and acidic foods and beverages in between the brushes.

9. Try to eat crunchy fruits and vegetables

Try to avoid mashed food and increase intake of crunchy fruits and vegetables and nuts enriched with phytochemicals and fibers as they makes your teeth to do some exercise which makes them stronger.

10. Limit sugary and acidic foods

Sugary foods make you feel happy but consuming sugary food is not good for your overall health especially for oral health. Sugary foods stick to your teeth which further convert into acids and causes erosion to the tooth enamel.

Acidic fruits, teas and also may lead erosion to tooth enamel. So make sure to avoid eating sugary and acidic food but even after not controlling your cravings just eat a little portion and make sure to clean immediately.

11. Make visit to your doctor twice a year

After knowing all the ways to keep your teeth healthy you need to go to dentist at least twice in a year. He not only gives a checkup, also removes all harden layer and prevent cavities.

So make sure to pay a visit to the dentist along adopting above ways to keep your teeth healthy.

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