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6 Things Dentists Do Every Day to Protect Their Teeth

by Gauri Kolhe

Along with the mental and physical health such as cardiac health and kidney health, dental health is also matter of concern. We always get suggestion to brush teeth since our childhood from parents, teachers and our dentist.

There will be no surprise to know that dentists also follow the instruction of brushing and floshing they give other patients.

American dental association (ADA) recommends to do some exercise in order to keep teeth healthy as follows:

  • Always Brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste
  • Make sure to clean between your teeth once a day
  • Pay a visit to  your dentist for regular cleanings and checkup (as determined by your dentist, depending on the health of your gums and teeth)

Besides these tips there are other things you can do to promote your dental health throughout the day that help you to prevent cavities. These exercises also keep your breath fresh and lower the risk of developing long term dental disease like gum disease.

Here is the exercises dentists do on regular basis to keep their teeth healthy:

1. Drinking Tap Water

According to Ruchi Sahota, DDS, a spokesperson for the ADA and a dentist in family practice in Fremont, California, make sure to live in an area with safe tap water supply and consider switching bottle water to tap water.

She says that “I drink fluoridated water, and I have my 6-year-old daughter drink it as well. It’s a natural tooth protector”. “There are long-term benefits of fluoridated water making teeth more resistant to the acid attacks that can cause cavities.”

The quantity present should be regulated; even a very small amount present in water will be safe for use.

You can consume only couple of glass of tap water in a day if you don’t want to go for tap water completely.

No matter you drink filtered or tap water this help keeping your teeth clean by washing away leftover food particle because a dry mouth provide favorable environment to the growth of the bacteria which leads tooth decay.

So make sure to drink enough water regularly all day to prevent these consequences as water also purify your blood and flush out the toxins through urinal waste.

2. Munch on Crunch

According to Marc Lowenberg, DDS, of Lowenberg, Lituchy & Kantor in New York City, try to load your meal with the crunchy fruits and vegetable.

He states that “These foods remove the bacterial plaque that sits on your teeth and cause decay or gum disease. Apples and celery are my favorites, but anything that ‘crunches’ improves the health of your teeth”.

3. Using nuts for Snack

According to the statement of Dr. Satoha, Chewing helps to stimulate saliva production and saliva is necessary to aid to keeping your mouth clean.

She also says that “We know that foods low in carbohydrates won’t add to your risk for cavities”. Dr. Satoha says that nuts are full of fiber, protein and fat plus they have low carbohydrates so they are the best snacks for the healthy smile and making you feel full for a long time. 

4. Give Your Teeth extra brushing session by Lick

Dr. sahota believes to give extra brushing to the teeth through the tongue simply by taking a round over the teeth. This helps you to remove “furry stuff” that has been forming throughout the day.

5. Chew the gum

Dr. Satoha says chewing sugar free gum that contains xylitol (a sugar alcohol) helps you to protect your smile by stimulating secretion of saliva and give an exercise to your teeth and gums.

She chooses to go for gums that got the ADA’ seals of acceptance like Eclipse, orbit, trident and ice breakers.

6. Don’t take stress

Stress also makes your teeth to deteriorate.

Dr. Lowenberg says that “One of the most common areas that stress targets is the temporomandibular joint, the joint that opens and closes your mouth”.

So when people get stress they tend to clench and grind their teeth without realizing and it could become a habit of individual for a long period of time.

So try to avoid stress and keep your teeth healthy.

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