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What Are Double Eyelids?

by Gauri Kolhe

The creases on an individual’s eyelid differ from person to person. Eyelids with noticeable creases are said to have double eyelids. Monolids, often known as single eyelids, do not have a wrinkle in their eyelids. Genes have a role in determining whether a person has double eyelids.

It is possible to have surgery to create double eyelids. It might be done for aesthetic purposes, or it could be done because an eyelid that does not have a crease is obstructing the patient’s range of view.

This article explains how to double eyelids may be created via surgical procedures. It also discusses the many surgical techniques and non-surgical solutions that are accessible.

What is meant by the term “double eyelid”?

A simple definition of a double eyelid is an eyelid with a crease on the top lid. People in several Asian cultures believe that having two eyelids signifies attractiveness.

This characteristic may be passed on to a kid from just one parent since the gene that causes it is dominant. The gene that causes monolids, on the other hand, is recessive, meaning that both parents must pass it down for their kid to be born without an eyelid crease.

About half of the people in Asia have a single eyelid, a modest double eyelid, or both.

People in countries such as China, Korea, Vietnam, and Singapore, as well as Asian Americans, are increasingly opting to get double eyelid surgery as a kind of aesthetic enhancement.

What develops double eyelids?

Nearly half of persons who are of Asian origin are born without an upper eyelid crease, which is often known as having a “single” or “mono” eyelid. This condition, known as “lash ptosis,” may cause the lashes to fall into the line of vision. Some individuals have a “mongoloid fold” or “epicanthic fold” at the nasal corner, making them seem weary or exhausted.

Different types of eyelids


Monolids, also known as single eyelids, are a form of the eyelid that gives the impression of lacking a crease that generally divides the eyelid into its two distinct portions.

People of Asian descent are the most likely to have single eyelids, while people of most other ethnic backgrounds have double eyelids. The eye sits flush with the browbone in a person with a monolid, defined by a length of skin that connects the two and does not have a noticeable fold.

Double eyelids

A crease may be seen on the top eyelid of a person with double eyelids. The wrinkle is well apparent in some people’s eyes. For some, the difference is negligible and cannot be seen without careful inspection.

The delicate skin that surrounds a person’s eyes eventually loses its elasticity and becomes less taut as a natural part of the aging process of the face. Because of this, their enormous eyes, which already have creases that are well defined, grow hooded lids or just partial wrinkles.

Double eyelids are indeed more frequent in Caucasians. However, the double eyelid seen in Asians is also relatively common and more common than most people realize.

Hooded eyelids

Hooded eyelids are characterized by a fold of skin covering the eyelid in part (or, in rare cases, completely). Because of hooded eyelids, you may have difficulty seeing your lid in a mirror if you look directly at it. Some individuals may be born with hooded lids, while others grow into them as they age.

How to obtain a double eyelid surgically?

Blepharoplasty is the general word used in the cosmetic surgery industry to refer to any procedure that involves the eyelids, including double eyelid surgery. Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that may transform single eyelids into double eyelids for individuals with monolids.

This can make folks feel more at ease and confident about their look. It’s one of the most popular and widely used treatments today.

You can choose between two techniques of eyelid surgery. The first method involves making an incision in both eyelids. In this treatment, incisions are made in the eyelids, the appropriate fat and muscle are removed, and the remaining muscle and skin are secured to establish the form.

People with naturally occurring double eyelids may also benefit from this procedure. This is by having the asymmetry of their eyelids corrected, their eyelids made more visible, or by tightening the skin that has begun to droop around the eye. Design complexity is increased by using this method.

The thread-and-suture technique is the second option. This is accomplished by using excellent sutures to create a connection between the upper eyelid’s muscle and the upper eyelid’s skin. Scar tissue will gradually develop in this location, which will ultimately result in the formation of the crease between the two eyelids.

In some instances, blepharoplasty is performed in conjunction with epicanthoplasty, which is the surgical removal of extra skin from the inner corner of the eye.

Depending on the technique that your surgeon chooses, blepharoplasty may provide effects that persist for a long time. However, the impact of having blepharoplasty is not permanent in any way. In the future, you might find yourself in need of a follow-up procedure.

How to obtain a double eyelid without surgery?

It’s possible to temporarily change your monolids into double eyelids using cosmetic procedures if you’re not ready to have surgery to get this look.

Eyelid tape

This is a specialized tape that is often sold in strips shaped like a crescent. After placing a piece on the upper eyelid, you will use an instrument that looks like a stick in the package to pull your eyelid up and form a fold.

You will need to maintain pressure for around one minute to ensure that a portion of your eyelid has firmly adhered to the tape.

After that, you may apply your makeup as you usually would. A makeup remover may be used to remove the tape off your face.

Eyelid glue

An eyelid glue bottle comes with a brush to dab the adhesive onto the top of the upper lash line.

After allowing the glue to cure for approximately 30 seconds, you use a stick-like tool to press the eyelid and produce a fold.  For around 60 seconds, you’ll also want to keep pushing it.

Using a makeup remover can help remove it.


It is a common proverb that your eyes are the gateway to your innermost thoughts and feelings. When someone looks at you, their attention is immediately drawn to your eyes. They are the first feature that stands out.

Some individuals are dissatisfied with the appearance of their eyelids regularly. Sometimes it’s the form they were born with, and sometimes it’s the consequences of age. Depending on the look, any problem might be fixed by cosmetic surgery.

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