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Hospital is a place that provides Medical and surgical treatment and nursing care for sick or injured people. The services provided by the specialist doctors and nurses. In general we can say it is an institution which has a typical emergency department and provides treatment on urgent health problems.

Basis of treatment Hospital can be divided into super specialty, multispecialty and General hospital. Depending on the treatment cost or management body of a hospital, it can be divided into two ways, one is a government hospital and the other one is a private hospital.

Due to its multiple wings, Hospital has several departments like emergency care, inpatient department, various outdoor departments, trauma centers, rehabilitation centers, pediatric department, neuro department, neonatal unit, intensive care unit, Operation Theater, pathology, billing counter, Biomedical Waste department, nursing station, medical record station etc.

Various service departments of hospitals sometimes create unfamiliar codes and messages which may be confusing to the patients and others. Each of the hospitals or the other departments of the hospital deliver to specific color codes.

Hospital color codes are a smart way to deliver Hospital workers who need to manage an emergency situation, meaning what they have to do and what they should provide like this. Hospital staff should be trained with their manual for details about their hospitals code. The various color codes of hospitals are-

Code blue color

Blue color code means that someone is going to a life threatening condition or medical emergency. Usually this color code is used when the cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest has happened. In most of this situation management of a Hospital will have created a pre assigned role in the event of a Blue coat during their shift.

Code white color

Code white color has the same meaning as the Blue color code. But it is specifically assigned to medical emergencies in case of children or babies

Code red

It means, alerts to the staff from a fire or probable fire situation. After getting the signal of code red color the staff must follow the hospitals fire protocols and rescue of the patients who cannot move on there.

Code purple or pink

Purple color code alerts the hospital staff about the missing child of child abduction. Some hospitals may use a separate code like pink to signify an infant abduction.

Code grey

Some hospitals use code grey color to call for the security department. It might signify that there is a dangerous person or a person is missing or there is criminal activity somewhere in the hospital.

Code green

Hospitals mostly used code green as it indicates that the particular Hospital is going to serve an emergency operations plan.

Code orange

Orange color code is called for medical sanitization. It may be due to a hazardous fluid leak.

Code silver

Code silver signifies to the hospital staff that there is an active shooter in the hospital.

Code black

Black color code indicates a bomb threat. This color code tends to include appropriate information such as the specific location of the warning. 

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