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4 Myths and Truths About Milk

by Gauri Kolhe

From the ancient days to the modern era milk has been treated as the first food of a baby as well as for the older person also. Milk is considered as a balanced diet due to the presence of essential nutrients like several minerals, protein, fats, calcium, magnesium, potassium etc.

Milk is very essential for brain development as well as making strong bones. Doctors are recommender for all of age group a glass of milk, to boost up the immune system. Milk is the first food for new born babies also.

Milk protein has more essential amino acids rather than other food source. Milk has more phosphorus and calcium with adequate quantity for normal skeletal growth

In this modern era we adopt with many technology or scientific facts, but still people live with some myths. There are lot of contentions or arguments, myths and truths about the milk regarding as consumption and its health benefits..

Myth one – milk is not good in time of child’s fever because milk may clot and start vomit-

Truth – Fever is that condition when a viral infection is still present in our body. On that time body may get weak and the physical activity may happen less, same as for the children also.

Due to the fever some of the time the test buds is not working to detect the proper test of food so children may stop eating, so in this time milk is the best option as a meal.

If the fever is coming with vomiting milk is the best allowable fluid to be given to the children. Actually at this time children need more hydration and milk can hydrate properly also helps to settle the stomach. In fact, the new born baby has prescribed breast milk, not plain water. 

Except this there are some other interesting myths and truths about milk which we are listening from our grandparents or parents, but now the time has come to accept the truth.

Myth two – pasteurized milk losses its nutrients 

Truth – raw milk contains many bacteria when it comes from the dairy firms, it has not properly pasteurized.  Raw milk is also content with so many bacteria such as listeria bacteria, Salmonella bacteria etc which may occur serious health issues. Therefore health experts advised raw milk is not more beneficial than pasteurized milk.

Myth three – drinking milk helps to weight gain

Truth– milk treated as a complete and nutrition best food. It is content with proper protein, fat, carbohydrates and many more nutrients so it is essential for everybody. Therefore there is no certain prove or study that plain milk is significant of adult or childhood obesity.

If anyone will drink milk with sugar it may be a cause of weight gain but plain milk helps to control the hunger punch or cravings which are important to prevent weight gain. 

May be these are creates funny sense but still many more people believe such types of myths of milk. Let see other fact on it.

Myth four – Organic milk is better than non organic milk

Truth – If we look after the nutrients value list of milk packets both organic and non organic,  we can see both are the same. But growth hormones are more in the organic milk means in cow milk. Deficiency of growth hormone of kids may cause various serious health issues like kidney failure, cancer and other medical problems.

Those children need supplemental nutrients. Organic or non organic milk both contain calcium but according to the National Institute of Nutrition in India organic milk contains more calcium rather than non organic milk which is more beneficial than the other milk.

But now some of the private dairies are using Oxytocin or steroid injection to the cattle for producing more milk which leads to adverse effects on health. 

Besides this, people also think milk can be taken as a meal. Milk cannot be granted as a meal because it is the source of essential nutrients, but milk has no proper calorie factor like other foods, which can disturb proper growth and development especially for kids.

For growth and development everybody should take proper nutrients based food as well as proper fiber rich food though milk is contained with essential nutrients but has no fiber component, therefore it is not a substitute for a meal.

For being healthy we need healthy and balanced diet so along with proper food we should take a glass of milk every day.

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