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7 Facts About Tea that You May Get Surprise

by Gauri Kolhe

A beautiful sunny morning without a cup of warm tea we can’t imagine starting a day. Tea has an important role in our daily life. A of Cup of warm tea is associated with many ceremonies, many world cultures and so on. It became popular centuries ago.

It’s aroma and it’s taste are special things which are always boosting us and also refresh your mind. Tea is considered as a refreshing drink also. Though tea was invented in China, now it is the main beverage of our modern world. A cup of tea is now part of our life in this modern era.

Sometimes it may be prepared in a special way, particularly for ceremonies. Besides that there are some interesting facts about tea.

Widely popular drink or beverage

There are less people who do not like tea to take as a beverage. It is the most well-known beverage in the world after plain water. From the market report of 2013 the world’s tea market gained 38.8 billion dollars.

Green and black tree are came from the same plant

There are various types of tea like black tea and green tea, but the amazing fact is that both the trees are coming from the leaves of Camellia sinensis which is a small tree that came from Asia.

The variation comes due to the process of oxidation after picking up the tea leaves; the process or temperature of oxidation creates the variation of tea. Example black tea which is more exposed to the air (oxidation process) as longer rather than green tea. 

Tea is calorie free

Green tea or black tea without sugar is an example of a calorie free energy drink but when we put in some sugar or milk it may increase the level of calories.

Tea is not dehydrating

One more amazing fact about tea is that we know drinking water is better for body hydration than coffee and tea but research says that drinking a cup of tea can also hydrate the body like water.  Actually a tea without milk is prepared with 99% of water so it has the hydrating qualities with any diuretic effects.

Green tree is a super food

Super food means the food or drink which has so many nutrients that benefit our body in one way or with many ways. Green tea helps to diminish the risk of heart diseases, it can regulate blood sugar levels properly, also green tea helps to cut down the cholesterol level and it gives the soothing sensation into the sore throat. Also green tea has antioxidant properties which help to lose weight, get rid from the depression level also.

Herbal tea is not a perfect tea

Herbal tea is not content with actual tea leaves which are always usually caffeine free and composed with different Herbs, Spices and other plants like chamomile Hibiscus mint lemon grass etc.

Tea is a healthy compound

As other vegetables or fruits like broccoli, grapes, berries etc, a cup of tea also has the same or more compounds of healthy properties. From the research we can know 1 cup of black tea contains 170mg of flavonoids but broccoli has 3mg of flavonoids.

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