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Major Sign and Symptoms of Vitamin D Deficiency

by Gauri Kolhe

Are you feeling always exhausted? Are you feeling unhappy always? Some of times, are you feeling as craving of food badly? Then definitely you are not in good health. We know, good health denotes the state of physical, mental and social well being.

It is necessary to consume proper amount of vitamin and minerals enriched food for maintain healthy lifestyle. If not then the result may cause of various types of health diseases.

From above mentioned health condition it shows that you are suffering as vitamin D deficiency disease. Vitamin D is a bit known, but till today most of the people have not any awareness about deficiency of vitamin D.

About Vitamin D and its benefit

Commonly vitamin D known as sunshine vitamin, mostly the major source of vitamin D is sunrays. It is fat dissolvable vitamin. Vitamin D1, D2 and D3 are the same group of vitamin.  Sun-rays of early morning is best source of it, except this milk, eggs, salmon fish, soy milk, mushroom are source of this vitamin. Later on we will discuss in detail.

It helps to strengthen our bone, assimilation of calcium and phosphorus into our body, helps to strong our immune system. Other benefits are in detail-

Make powerful bones

Studies show that vitamin D is important catalyst of calcium build up into our bone as well as maintain the phosphorus level in the blood. Calcium and phosphorus are main components to make our bones more strong and healthy. Therefore, deficiency of Vitamin D for children cause Rickets, which conduct acutely, bow legged seen for softening of the bones.

Same as adults are suffering Osteomalacia and osteoporosis. Due to, Osteomalacia (softening the bones) and Osteoporosis (weak bones) are causing of poor bone density level and muscular weakness. So regularly absorbing sunrays can increase the level of vitamin D also get rid from bone diseases.

Shield of cardiovascular disease

Except the consciousness of bone and muscle strength another major function of vitamin D is protect the cardiovascular system. Doctors are saying now day due to the poor level of Vitamin D cause of high blood pressure, several cardiac problems like heart attack or heart blockage etc. so proper amount of taking vitamin D in our daily food can reduce the blood pressure, improving the cardio problems.

Get well soon from preeclampsia

Deficiency of Vitamin D is also a major cause of preeclampsia means giving birth of baby preterm. That’s why in time of pregnancy vitamin D enriched food should be added on pregnancy diet.

Decreasing the risk of cancer

Lowering level of Vitamin d in our body may assist to growth of cancer cell. We know this vitamin helps to increase calcium assimilation in our blood which can reduce the growth of cancer cell and it cut off the risk of cancer.

Strengthen muscles

We know vitamin d helps calcium and phosphorus absorption in the blood stream and those minerals help to improve the muscle strength. Inadequate amount of vitamin D in our body cause of muscle weakness also the cause of muscle pain, so have to take proper amount of vitamin D.

Diminishing the type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is now attached with our life, now day it is a very common disease due to unhealthy and unplanned life style. It may cause several health problems like kidney failure, vision problem even though nerve disorder. Doctors are recommending along with the diabetic diet the diabetic patient should intake proper amount of Vitamin D which helps to reduce the risk factor of diabetic.

Now we have to look after the sources of vitamin D. We must know the prime sources of vitamin D which helps us to fight with the diseases due to deficiency of Vitamin D.

  • We know another name of vitamin D is sunshine vitamin so from the name we get to know the prime source of this vitamin is sunlight. Daily walk in a day min 10min can be the great source of vitamin D.
  • Orange or other citrus fruits are the source of vitamin D.
  • Along with Tuna, Salmon fishes in Mackerel or any other sea fishes are enriched with vitamin D.
  • Vitamin D oil is also source of it.

Major Signs and symptoms of decreased level of vitamin D

Arthritis- Less of vitamin D in our body may cause the arthritis which is one type of common bone disorder. Now day in any age group of people are suffering with this disease. The symptom of this disease, bones will become weak, consisted with pores and fragile for that it may cause severe joint pain or knee pain.

Body ache- insufficient intake Vitamin D may cause of severe body ache. Because less of calcium is major cause of low bone density and the result is severe body ache.

Hair loss- Calcium, vitamin and other minerals are main component of growing hair. Lack of Vitamin D is effect the nutritional imbalance in our body which is the cause of hair loss.

Infertility- Now day after age of 30 females are become infertile though they are having healthy reproductive system. Lack of vitamin D is cause of unexplained infertility.

Depression- Serotonin can control the anxiety of our mind, which have produced by body chemical melatonin.  Melatonin secrets more when we expose on sun. If we are not doing like this the result is more depressed, irritate, anxious and other mental illness.

Problem in wound healing- Vitamin D helps to keep immune system strong, so our body can fight against with the diseases, doctors are saying vitamin D is also helping to reduce inflammation. That’s why; poor level of Vitamin D is problem of wound healing.

Gut problem- Vitamin D is fat soluble so who is suffering as vitamin D deficiency they have the bad effect to assimilate fat from body. So the body joints are getting inflated and fill with fluid. It is called gut, mostly it has found on body joint also painful.

Fatigue/tiredness- Weakness of bone and unnourished skin may cause of tiredness and fatigue. In adequate of vitamin D is also cause of fatigue so we have to check it and take proper supplement.

High Blood pressure- lack of vitamin D is associated with high blood pressure or cause of various cardio diseases. Along with the proper cardiac treatment should be taken the adequate amount Vitamin D supplement.

Put on weight- we know vitamin d is fat absorbable, deficiency of vitamin d may cause of overweight. If a person obese day by day, need proper amount of vitamin D to get slim along with the diet plan.

Head sweating of newborn- Neuromuscular disorder is cause of head sweating of newborn babies. Shortage of vitamin D is reason of it, so doctors are advised to keep baby on sunlight after oil massage.

How to know the level of vitamin D in our body

Research shows that in our country 30% to 50% people are suffering lack of vitamin D. Above mentioned sign or symptom if will arise in body have to check the level of vitamin D. For that there are several types of blood test to measure it. Vitamin D test denotes the deficiency level of it along with D3 test denotes the sufficient level of vitamin d in blood. Empty stomach is not requiring for testing the vitamin D and D3 level.

Range of vitamin D

Research shows that 0-40ng/ ml is denoting the insufficient level and 40-80ng/ml is sufficient. 80-100ng/ml is high sufficient which is also abnormal for our body. If it is >100ng/ml think as undesirable. >150ng/ml is denoting the body has got toxic.

Purpose of test

Above mentioned any such of health problem if will arise we should take blood test as soon as possible. Actually by the blood test pathologist are checked the hormone level of 25-hydroxil D which is the form of vitamin D as present in the human blood.

Except those symptoms the other purposes are

  • If the person will suffering as convulsion problem as soon as have to check the vitamin D and D3 level in blood stream. By that way can check the level of calcium, less amount of calcium some time may cause of convulsion of newborn babies.
  • As long days weakness, serious leg pain and joint pain, wants to check the bone density level etc for these reasons also we can do the blood test.
  • To treatment of parathyroid gland, vitamin D test is necessary.
  • Swelling on joint, knee and fingers doctors are recommending to do test of vitamin D and D3.
  • Before the treatment of cancer also doctors are prescribing to check the vitamin D.
  • Except these for treating the other treatment or treatment of infertility now day doctors are suggesting to do the test of vitamin d and D3 both.


Lack of vitamin d is common and it can be curable if we will take preventive measure and obey the guidelines of doctors. Along with this we have to consume proper amount of nutrients enriched with vitamin D.

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