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10 Smart and Unique Ways to Keep Your Central Nervous System Healthy

by Gauri Kolhe

Human body has controlled by central nervous system both physically and cognitive wise. It is crucial part of human of body due to the complex web of sensory nerve with nervous system.

This system is consisting with two parts brain and spinal cord. All of the body functions such as respiration, thinking, digestion even though beating of heart also are depending on central nervous system.

How it Works 

Central nervous system has the prime functions with the help of nerve cells, called neuron. Neurons (nerve cells) help to carry the impulses to the brain, spinal cord and other parts of the body through the neurotransmitter, same as impulse continued from the opposite way also.

Neurons are attached with each other with the help of one type of chemical called neurotransmitter (Dopamine and serotonin), which has found at the space between of two neuron, called synaps.

When the nerve or nerve cells are not function properly the entire nervous system cannot able to do the basic function of the body. Therefore, if we wish to avoid any disorder of central nervous system, it is necessary to take some essential preventive measure.


We know to be a healthy person (both mentally and physically) we have to consume adequate amount of proper nutrient added food but due to our busy schedule we don’t. We habituate to take fast food or ready to cook foods which are not consisted with proper vitamins or minerals.

  • Green leafy vegetables and fruits are consist with several types of vitamin like vit b, vit c, vit k, minerals like magnesium, potassium etc which are most important for keeping healthy our nerve cells.
  • Animal protein like fish (especially sea fish), meats, and eggs are main source of protein and omega fatty acid. Omega fatty acid is the prime component of myelin sheaths (myelin sheaths protect the nerve cells), so deficiency of omega fatty acid may be a cause of nerve disorder.
  • Pulses, nuts, almonds and milk are also the good sources of fatty acid so these things are important in daily diet.
  • Except these now neurologists are advised to take dark chocolate which has anti oxidant property and helps to regulate the blood flow to brain as well as to heart.

Exercise /yoga

  • Studies show that work out, yoga, walking and pranayam can keep our body peaceful and healthy. Regular yoga helps to regulate the blood circulation in our body. In this competition world we are always facing the rat race so nerve imbalance is common example of us.
  • Surya namaskar, kapalvati, vastrika, Anulom Bilom and many more pranayam or yoga helps to reduce the nerve imbalance.
  • Daily work out for 2 to 3hrs helping us to strengthen our body also our mind.
  • Regular walking with the barefoot (min 1 to 2hrs) on the path of green grass is effective to keep our body physically as well as mentally healthy.

Cut off bad addiction

Smoking, alcohol addiction, drug addiction etc have the bad impact on our body. So maintaining the healthy life style should cut off these impure things.

Habit with green tea

Green tea has contained with amino acid, which helps to increase the level of dopamine and serotonin along with this green tea is the source of anti oxidant so it helps to increase the thinking ability, control the mental anxiety etc.

Expose on sunlight

Vitamin d is also a main component of correction of nerve imbalance. The main source of vitamin d is sunlight so daily 10 to 15 min expose you on sunlight and boost your nervous system.

Meditation and deep breath

Daily meditation helps to reduce the mental anxiety. If you will face any tough situation and want to be calm down for this experts are advising to take deep breath which elevates the mental anxiousness and you may feel relax.

Bath with Epsom salt

Epsom salt helps to strengthen the function of muscle as well as nerve. It helps to reduce the stress and relax the mind. Actually it contains with lots of magnesium helps balance the serotonin level of brain.


Every human being have to take deep sleep at least 7 to 8 hrs daily. Sleep is very necessary to keep fit healthy mentally as well as physically. If sleep has not taken as proper way it may effect on health and chronic nerve disorder will happen.

Hydrate your body

Every day we should taken 3 to 4 lit of water to keeps our body hydrates. Water helps to remove toxin from our body.


Chamomile is one of popular herb to treat the disease of hysteria, nightmare and other nerve disorder.

Except these tips we may focus on the other additional tips-

  • Always keep in touch with physician and keep monitor blood pressure also blood sugar.
  • Keep your body weight in control.
  • Keep busy with some brain games.
  • Spend quality time with family. Take leave from your work and plan for outing.
  • Adopt some new ways to grow your concentration.

Human body has interrelated with one another system of body, so always keep healthy the other body system. Above mentioned steps and tips are helped you to keep free from any nerve disorder.

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