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14 Thyroid Problems of Women Shows as Serious Problem in Women’s Life

by Gauri Kolhe

In this time most of women are suffering with an acute thyroid disorder rather than male. Thyroid problems have increased according with age, so adults’ cases are more, than children.

It is small gland looks like butterfly shape and it has situated base of your neck. This gland has composed with fairly large two lobes, right and left, which are separated by isthmus tissue. Thyroid is the part of endocrine system, a system which has responsible to manage our physical and mental activity by secreting hormones.

It also helps to coordinate body’s activity. Thyroid gland is releasing two types of thyroid hormones- T3 (Thyroxin) and T4 (Triiodothyronine) both are used to regulate the metabolism of our body. Except those two hormones recent research indicate one new hormone, calcitonin is also released from thyroid gland.


In this sate the thyroid gland is overactive. Grave’s disease is most common name of this disorder. Thyroid nodules are became toxic nodule in this time. Most common thyroid symptoms in women or men both are

Weight gain/ less

Hair fall

Skin or acne problem

Throat swelling and many other problems can occur.


When hormones are realizing as less in quantity this state is called hypothyroidism. In case if this state may see in infants is called cretinism. Most common thyroid symptoms are in this time- edema, low body temperature, abnormal bone formation, weight gain, sluggishness etc.

Above mentioned symptoms have indicated both male and female, but now day thyroid problem may be it is hypo or hyperthyroidism have affected more on female rather than male. Look after the most common thyroid symptoms in women which have great impact on their life style.

Changes the body weight

If you may notice your body weight will change drastically without your effort, there is definitely something is going to be wrong. Due to our consciousness when we will put on more weight we are immediately thought to check thyroid hormone level and we start our treatment.

But if it will happen opposite, means lot of women now they are suffering as hyperthyroidism for that massive weight loss is happening. The thought weight loss as a good thing but they need to go treatment because its effects on cardiovascular system.

Fluctuation of blood pressure level

Thyroid hormone regulates our metabolic rate and other body functions. Also it has a great impact on our body directly or indirectly, so it has regular communication with the heart and heart rate. In the time of hyperthyroidism heart rate speeds up too much and in time of the hypothyroidism the heart rate will be slower than the normal range which can affect the other body functions.

Mood swing

Fluctuation or disturbance of thyroid hormone can have a great impact on our energy level and mood. Hypothyroidism can make us feel tired, depressed, sluggish etc. Sleepless nights, anxiety, depression, restless irritability can happen in the time of hyperthyroidism.

Puberty and menstruation cycle

Thyroid problems can reason of disturbing puberty as well as the menstruation cycle. Due to the abnormal level of thyroid hormone is the reason for heavy or very light periods, irregular periods or absent periods. 

Hair and skin problem

Hypo and hyperthyroidism can cause problems in our hair and skin. Also it may get drier or more oily, problem of split ends hair, more rashes on skin, dry skin etc.

Inflating or enlarging in the neck

Goitre disease can happen due to hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. Some of time women notice that the side of the neck will swell or enlarge because of an imbalance of thyroxin hormone. 

Muscle cramps and weakness

Sometimes we may notice cramping muscles and we feel more weak stiffeners on joints as well as joint pains. It all is happening due to hypo or hyperthyroidism.


Now Infertility is the major problem for every woman. Root cause of infertility is one of thyroid problems. More or less imbalance of thyroxin hormone also affects ovulation which relates with fertility. If ovulation problems occur due to the disturbance of thyroxin hormone then the infertility may arrive.

Bloated Eyes

Graves disease is an example of hyperthyroidism which may cause bloated eyes, visual problems, irritation in eyes, dry eyes etc.

Problem in menopause

Normal Menopause of women has started on the age of 45 or after 45. But imbalance of thyroxin hormone some of the time it may happen at the early age of 45.

Feel too cold or too hot

Thyroid disorder can affect the thalamus and hypothalamus so cannot regulate the proper body temperature. Sometimes people may feel more cold or more sweating in both the condition of hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.

Stomach problem

Thyroid problems are sometimes also the reason for diarrhea, stomach pain etc.

Change habit of bathroom

Due to the hypothyroidism body system gets slow, and it’s not signaling to go bathroom for sometime it will cause of constipation.

Storing fluid

Storing fluid on joints or guts problem

Disturbance of thyroxin hormone also cause of guts problem on joints.

Other problems

Hypo and hyperthyroidism also cause other problems in women’s lifestyles like thinning eyebrows, tingling in the hands, dry lips, more growth of hair on body etc.

All the symptoms of disorders are definitely curable, for that have to check the level of thyroxin and start to consult with doctor.

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