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Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

by Gauri Kolhe

Most of you have heard “narcissism”, as this term is common for describing a self-absorbed person. But, there’s a disadvantage for such people as they might exhibit the narcissistic trait that would cause them a disorder called Narcissism Personality Disorder or NPD. We are still not aware of this particular disorder, so it is misunderstood most of the time. No wonder it is a controversial condition due to misunderstandings.

People with NPD are often noticed to be self-centred, need attention, lack empathy and more. Indeed, it’s a mental condition that negatively affects the person, like troubled relationships, financial affairs, work or school. There are specific causes, symptoms, and treatments for this particular disorder which you’ll learn below this article.

Symptoms of NPD

One can’t deny that the signs and symptoms of a person having NPD might vary. Also, it is seen that the disorder appears in early adulthood, and the person having the condition won’t recognize the problem as it would go against their self-image. Let’s have a look at sure signs of Narcissistic Personality Disorder below.

  • They’d have the exaggerated feelings of even a small achievement and talents.
  • People think of themselves as superior and are always right.
  • People with NPD have a sense of self-importance.
  • The person can go to an extent even by taking advantage of others for achieving what they want.
  • People with NPD behave arrogantly and haughtily.
  • They react most of the time negatively towards criticism.
  • They require attention, admiration, and praise.

The above are some of the symptoms that people may or may not have, but now we will discuss five crucial symptoms. Indeed, those five symptoms might not be visible in every person at the same time as the duration or situation might vary but would be present over time in every NPD patient.

The fantasy of being perfect and superior

Surprisingly, people with this particular disorder love to fantasize as if they’re the most powerful, intelligent, beautiful, lovable, or perfect person.

Strong sense of entitlement

If someone close to you has NPD, you’ll notice that they feel the need for special treatment. Also, they might think that others need to comply with the expectations they have and their demands.

The tendency of exploiting people

No wonder people with narcissistic feelings or personalities have the tactics of manipulative and exploiting behaviour. It would cause disadvantages for the people around them as they’d fulfil their demands by taking advantage of others as their gain is above everything.

Jealousy, envy, and distrust

One of the most common symptoms that you’ll find in a person having Narcissistic Personality Disorder is that they’d have a certain feeling of being competent. Most of them believe that people are trying to compete with them or are being jealous of them. Similarly, such people would get easily jealous of others and even envy them even for meaningless reasons.

Lack of empathy towards others

People suffering from NPD won’t be able to understand others’ pain and feelings. They’d instead consider their feelings than put themselves in others’ shoes. Undoubtedly, this is one of the reasons for their rude and exploitative behaviour.

What are the causes and risk factors of NPD?

We can’t mention the exact cause of Narcissistic Personality Disorder as it is still unclear. It might be due to specific experiences or comes by overthinking. Some say the disorder might be genetic, neurobiological or environmental(got more attention & adoration from parents).

Also, much research suggests that their parents might cause this particular disorder for not showcasing enough love or affection. Indeed, men grew this particular disorder more than women while in their teenage or early adulthood.

It is true that most of us have narcissism but probably controlling the feelings could help them not go to the extreme level of disorder. Even though it is normal to see a child with selfish behaviour, it is not necessary to have it in adulthood.

Parents should indulge with their narcissism; otherwise, it might be problematic later. Childhood abuse, sexual promiscuity, and unrealistic expectations from parents are more causes of NPD.

How can you treat NPD?

It’s undeniable that most people have NPD symptoms throughout their lifetime. So, it would be best to treat them as soon as possible before it could become a risk factor.

Talk Therapy

Now, talk therapy would seem like something normal unless you know the other name known as Psychotherapy. , by the name itself, you can say that the patient would have specific talk sessions with the doctor.

Also, medication would be used for those who grew Narcissistic Personality Disorder alongside depression or other mental health conditions. But, for NPD, there’s not any particular medication. So, talk therapy would be one of the methods that positively works for it.

You can improve certain areas of your life by developing positive interactions with others.

  • Also, by having talk therapy, you can improve your relationship with your colleagues and peers.
    • If you have talk therapy then, your relationship might become significant.
    • You’ll be able to recognize your potential and strengths in various fields.
    • You’d get to learn to cope with your self-esteem issues.
    • One could learn not to try to achieve specific goals that are not commendable.

Follow healthy lifestyle

You need to attend your therapy sessions regularly and take proper medication. Also, to make the treatment procedure effective, you could maintain a healthy lifestyle. Try to avoid drugs, alcohol, or other things that might trigger negative feelings. It would be best to exercise regularly or at least thrice a week.

Wrapping Up

There are some specific signs or symptoms you might find in a Narcissistic person. Many people treat narcissistic people as crucial people so, instead of avoiding them or treating them poorly, you need to treat them as they are, and it is common.

People who are struggling more with certain narcissistic feelings indeed have higher chances of developing NPD. We have tried to convey as much information and crucial points as possible in this article.

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