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Benefits of Coconut Water during Pregnancy

by Gauri Kolhe

Coconut water is transparent liquid found in the coconut when they are green. Coconut water is packed with many nutrients as it is the mixture of chloride, calcium, magnesium,  riboflavin, electrolytes and vitamin C. drinking coconut water not only beneficial for normal people also has significant effect in pregnancy.

Numerous health Benefits of Coconut Water during Pregnancy

Coconut water is a refreshing, fat free, cool and enriched with vitamins that provide you nourishment and replenishing salts to prevent dehydration.

On consuming during pregnancy, coconut water is good for the health of mother and baby as well. Some of the benefits of coconut water during pregnancy are listed below.

  • Coconut water also has a tendency to improve digestion process, metabolism, prevent constipation, and strengthen the digestive system. Coconut water also maintains the pH and prevents heartburn as it has soothing property during the tenure of pregnancy.
  • During pregnancy a person need more nutrition than ever. As coconut water contains protein, sugar and sodium salt, it helps to maintain levels of fluids and electrolyte requirement of the body.             
  • Coconut water also helps you maintain blood pressure.
  • Most of the refreshing drinks like juice contain sugar and calories while coconut water has low calories and also have little amount of dietary fibers and omega-3 fatty acids. Both components are known to have many of the health benefits and in pregnant women it has been known to maintain weight.
  • Going to be mother for a first time is really excited but this also causes some discomfort and unpleasant experiences. In first trimester pregnant lady start to experience morning sickness which is very unpleasant. Drinking coconut water during pregnancy helps to combat morning sickness.
  • During pregnancy, coconut water also promotes weight loss and helps to increase good cholesterol in the body as it reduces the level of bad cholesterol.
  • Immune system need to be strong in pregnancy for the better health of mother and baby as well. Drinking coconut water during pregnancy also boosts your immune system as it is enriched with antioxidant, minerals and vitamins. Lauric acid present in coconut water has a property to produce monolaurin which is a disease fighting acid and prevent diseases like flu and HIV. This water gives you immunity to fight against diseases and protect mother and children as well.
  • Coconut water consuming during pregnancy said to give protection against infections. Some of the evidences shows that coconut water enhance immunity, and improve function of kidney that helps you to prevent urinary tract infections.
  • Women expecting baby recommended to do light exercise to give strength and activeness to them. Light exercise also makes person feel relaxed so coconut water also suggested them to drink as exercise water. This drink keep you refresh and provide nutrition after light exercise.

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Although coconut water contains various minerals, vitamins and antioxidants no food contains all the nutrition so make sure to have a healthy and balanced diet during pregnancy.

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