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8 Signs of Ovulation that Help Detect Your Fertile Time

by Gauri Kolhe

To get pregnant you just need to know the right time of ovulation that is also called as fertile time. Body shows some symptoms whenever there is a small change in human body.

Signs of ovulation are very simple to notice. You will be surprised how easy is to detect the symptoms once you find out what should you have to looking. Every person with the desire of getting pregnant wants to know about the ovulation day. So what is it?

Ovulation day is the time when egg is releases from the ovary and after ovulation egg has to wait for the sperm in the fallopian tubes so that it can be fertilize.

It can also explained as that sexual intercourses should be done before the ovulation so that sperm can wait for the eggs as the life of egg is of only 24 hours while sperms can live up to 3 days .

This increases the possibility of conception during the day of ovulation because women are more fertile in these days. If any person has sex during the fertile time the chance of getting pregnant faster are getting higher considerably.

By seeing the importance of the fertile days it is important to know that how can you know about the fertile days? So here are some signs which tell you about the ovulation time.

8 signs of ovulation

To determine the ovulation time is little bit difficult but after knowing the several signs to tell when you’re most fertile time, you can easily track that. Here are signs of ovulation:

Tenderness in breast muscles

Have ever experience tenderness in breasts on touching? This is not happens all the time it happens in just case of hormonal changes. After ovulation some hormones causes this tenderness.

This can also be a good sign of ovulation determination and you can confirm than ovulation has come to appear. This also consider in one of the signs of ovulation.

Even though you can’t predict the ovulation this way, but some health experts said that breast tenderness can be caused by the side effects of fertility drugs.

Ovulation pain

ovulation pain

 If ever experience a sharp pain in the lower abdomen that seems to appear randomly? If you experience such kind of pain, this may be ovulation pain during the mid-cycle. Some of the women experience this pain every month.

Many researchers have found out that mid cycle pain which is also called as mittleschmerz occurs right before ovulation that indicates the most fertile time for the women who has desire of getting pregnant.

Most of the women experience a temporary sharp pain in lower abdomen while others experiences the severe pain.

If you are feeling extreme pain during ovulation then see your doctor immediately and discuss your condition with him as it could be a symptom of endometriosis or pelvic adhesions.

Fertile cervical mucus

Human body tends to show signs on every change in the body, same happens at the time when you are going to ovulate. The secretion near the cervix that is known as cervical mucus, increases and looking similar to the consistency of raw white.  

This cervical mucus provides help to sperms so that they can enter into the female reproduction system easily.

When fertile time is not there, the cervical mucus consistency is stickier then occurs at the fertile time.  The cycle of cervical mucus starts form almost dry to none, sticky, creamy, watery, raw egg-white-like and back to sticky of dry. You can easily know you fertile time by observing the cervical mucus.

Increase in Sexual Desire

Another sign of ovulation time is the sexual desire. The sexual desire f any women increase just before the time of ovulation. Not only she starts feeling up, she also looks sexier these days.

Her desire looks in her walk and talk, dance every action she does. The bone structure shifts naturally. So this is the most simple and natural sign of ovulation.

Getting a positive result on ovulation testing

The best option to know about the fertile time is ovulation predictor kits. Ovulation predictor kits works similar to hoe pregnancy kits. You just need to put urine on the kits by means of cup or you can urinate on them.

Two lines will appear just like those appear on the pregnancy testing kits. In case of positive result the test line color is darker than the control line which indicates that you are likely going o ovulate and this also indicates your time to get pregnant.

Although ovulation test are the best way but they also have some pros and cons such as:


  • They need less working than charting basal body temperature
  • Digital ovulation can be very easy to use.


  • Sometimes simple tests can be difficult to interpret the result when it’s difficult to determine that the color of test line is darker than the control line.
  • Ovulation testing kits get expensive in case of irregular period or when person trying to conceive for a long time.
  • Sometimes you can get a positive sign but in actual you don’t get to ovulate.
  • Women who suffers from the polycystic ovarian disorder (PCOS) may get a positive results for multiple time even they are not going to ovulate which makes the tests useless and waste of money.

Increase in basal body temperature

Increase body temperature

The temperature of resting stage is called as basal body temperature. The standard temperature of the body is 98.6 Fahrenheit known by the whole world but in actual body temperature continues varies slightly throughout the months even the same day.

When you are doing any activity, the temperature rises while in resting stage it gets lower slightly such as eating food, sleeping habits or getting sick. Hence BBT is a good sign of ovulation detection. After ovulation progesterone level increases this causes rise in temperature.

BBT needs some things to track down:

BBT tracking requires daily observation of the temperature in the morning at the same time every day before using the bathroom in the morning so that you can prepare a chart of BBT.

Even though BBT cannot predict the ovulation, it gives you idea about the approximate day of the ovulation.

Regularity is important in case of BBT because irregular schedules make difficulties in the tracking BBT like in case of working in the night shifts or inconsistence patterns of sleep.

Irregular cycles or ovulation problems can be detected by your doctor.

Cervical position change

Another sign of ovulation is the change in cervical position. Throughout the menstrual cycle, cervix shifts positions and changes seem to occur. You can track these changes and determine the ovulation time.

Before the ovulation, cervix shift in a little bit up, slightly open and become softer while in other day it is harder, lower in position and more closed.

Saliva ferning pattern  

Another possible sign of ovulation is the ferning pattern of you saliva. This is quite uncommon and unique way for ovulation detection. In this pattern saliva structure looks like the frost on the windowpane.

Some special microscopes are available for detection of the ferning pattern of saliva but you could use any microscope available near you. This is unusual way to detect ovulation so for some women experience difficulty in detecting ferning pattern.

Due to its uniqueness, not enough resources are available to support this method unlike other methods such as cervical mucus and basal body temperature have enough resources to support.

Irregular ovulation can cause pain and many other medical condition, also cause discomfort in your life. As similar as the sign of regular ovulation, sign of irregular ovulation is also a matter of concern so that you can get treatment for that. Here are some signs of irregular ovulation:

Irregular menstrual cycle

If you are unable to predict your period, then you may be suffering from ovulation problem. This problem is normal among the women and its normal if you are periods varies by a few days in months but if they vary in the span of several days then it is not normal.

Long or very short cycles

A cycle of 21 days to 35 days is considered as a normal short and normal long cycle respectively. If your cycle is shorter than 21 and longer than 35 days, then you have to go to see your doctor, because this kind of irregular cycle may have related to the ovulation problems.

Period missing

If you are in childbearing age but not getting your periods regularly and keep missing for the months then it may be related to the ovulation problems. Some of the women missing their period for over a month or longer than that this indicates clear that you have to consider the doctor and get treatment.

Basal body temperature

Basal body temperature helps you to detect your fertile time and regular cycle. BBT also helps you to determine irregular ovulation. It is mentioned above that BBT slightly rises after ovulation so you have been charting your cycle with the help of BBT and you don’t get any rise in BBT then there is a possibility that you are not ovulating.

However there could be a possibility of not rising BBT in some women even after they are ovulating regularly. This could be happens due to irregular sleeping patterns or it could be happens in case of not taking the temperature at same time or after using bathroom.

Inconsistencies in ovulation predicting test

Ovulation test kits are designed to detect the LH hormone when ovulation is going to occur. So if you don’t get a positive result, it means you may not get ovulated.

This is also surprising to know that if you are getting consistently positive results in ovulation test it can also a sign of ovulation problem.

This means your body is trying to trigger the ovulation but continuously getting failed to achieve the result. This situation can be seen in the women with PCOS.

Do not make conceptions in your mind that you can’t get pregnant in case of getting signs of ovulation problems. You can get pregnant even you are getting irregular periods. So talk to your doctor in case of any ovulation problem or irregular cycles.


Human body shows the signs on each and every change in the body. Some signs of ovulation includes the cervical mucus secretion, cervical position shifting, ferning pattern of saliva, ovulation pain etc.

During ovulation basal body temperature rises which helps to determine the most fertile time, includes daily recording of the temperature in the morning at same time.

Even though Basal body temperature charting is important to know ovulation time it also have some cons such as most expensive and need punctuality , can also give consistent variation in result. In case of irregular shifts or missing temperature recording it will turn out as waste of money.

The other signs of ovulation include breast tenderness due to the secretion of hormones. At the time of ovulation the breast tends to get tender on touching and sometimes pain also appears.

The sharp pain in lower abdomen randomly is also a sign of ovulation. This pain appears just before the ovulation and sometimes people feel this pain severely. Severe pain is not only the sign of ovulation it may also indicates problems related ovulation.

Cervical positions also shifts during the ovulation and cervical mucus seems to change its looks like raw egg-white.

Irregular cycles like short and long cycles are the signs of irregular signs. Missing periods or over months or longer than that associated with the ovulation problems.

If you experiencing any such kind of signs that you really have to go to your doctor and get treatment if you are eager to get pregnant faster.

If you are having regular periods that doesn’t mean you don’t have any ovulation problem. In that case you also have to see doctor.

Your doctor will ask some question to you, runs some test and after that he diagnose what’s wrong with you he will prescribe some medication and also recommend changes have to be done in regular life style.

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