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8 Most Common Causes of Miscarriage

by Gauri Kolhe

Pregnancy is a beautiful and amazing journey of every woman’s life. They feel blessed when they get to know that they are pregnant. Our elders are saying that women can complete their life when they become a mother.

Not only for the mother, who is becoming a new mom but also a baby brings lots of happiness into their family. It’s an unexpected happiness which cannot be expressed into words.

Women have the power to bring a new life into the world along with this there is always an unexplained and unexpected risk factor of something going to be worse. The wrong thing or the worst matter can be a miscarriage. 

What is mean by miscarriage?

Miscarriage is the risk of a pregnancy. You can say that is the loss of pregnancy. When pregnancy will ends before 20th week it is called miscarriage. During pregnancy first three month or first trimester is very much crucial, most of the time miscarriage has happened in between of the time.  

Miscarriage is a painful situation both physically and mentally. It has diminished all of your emotional happiness. At the time when we are facing a miscarriage, start to blaming ourselves or we are searching that exact cause of miscarriage.

There are many causes of miscarriage, some of time it are common or sometime it are unexplained. Most of the common causes of miscarriage are urine infection, uterine problem, diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid and unhealthy lifestyles etc.

Symptom of miscarriage

Most common symptoms are vaginal bleeding along with cramps similar to menstruation camp, fever, back pain weakness, abdominal pain, passing large blood clots through the urine.

Common causes of miscarriage

Chromosomal disorder

It is the main reason for maximum miscarriage which may happen spontaneously.

Time of fertilization egg and sperm each carry 23 chromosomes together to make a perfect pair of chromosomes of a fetus. But in some cases it has disturbed and the genetic abnormalities are arises which can stop the development of a fetus.

Chromosomal matter arises when the embryo starts to divide and become a blastocyst phase. It may be blighted ovum means no embryo develops. Sometimes it may happen as molar pregnancy means the chromosome sets comes from the father while none of the chromosomes come from the mother so the Placenta does not grow normally and the fetus does not develop properly.

Mismatch the RH factor

It is also the main reason of miscarriage due to contradictory Rh factor mother and fetus. Suppose a mother is carrying RH positive blood and the fetus may be Rh negative blood then the contradiction can happen, due to this reason the Mother’s body cannot recognize the fetus and treat it as a foreign material. For this reason miscarriage has happened. 

Uncontrolled diabetes

Now day uncontrolled diabetes is also a major cause of miscarriage within 20 weeks of gestation. Uncontrolled diabetes brings preterm conditions. Preterm delivery can create life-threatening conditions for a mother.


Hypo (too low)and hyper(too high) both the thyroid disorders can often reason of infertility and also can cause of miscarriage. Hormonal imbalance has occurred due to thyroid disorder and it brings the worst situation like miscarriage.

Implantation problem

In this situation the fertilized egg or ovum cannot attach in the proper place of uterine area and attach inside of fallopian tube, called ectopic pregnancy which is also a major cause of miscarriage


The journey period of pregnancy, a bacterial infection as well as a viral infection is one reason for it. Infection also brings STD (sexual transmitted disease), toxoplasmosis, vaginal infection, vaginal discharge etc.

Injuries on abdominal area

Heavy heat in the abdominal area during pregnancy is also the reason of spontaneous miscarriage.

Taking non prescribed drug

To take restricted or non prescribed drugs is harmful during the pregnancy and it is also a matter of miscarriage. Therefore doctors always suggest to a pregnant woman to consume proper medicine on the basis of their requirement. 

Apart from the above reasons there are the other reasons, like age factor – 20 to 30% chance of miscarriage in the age of a woman 35 to 45 years and women suppose gets pregnant after the age of 45 there is a major chance of miscarriage. 

Improper nutrition, genetic disorders, history of miscarriage, drinking alcohol, unhealthy Lifestyle, obesity etc are also the reason of unexpected miscarriage.

Types of miscarriage

Threatened miscarriage

In this state a pregnant woman is experiencing vaginal bleeding with lower abdominal pain. It can stay a day or a week and the cervix of her is still closed. 

Inevitable miscarriage

Same symptom as the threatened miscarriage but in this state usually a lot of vaginal bleeding with strong lower stomach pain has seen. During this miscarriage cervix has opened that particular women so the developing fetus may come through bleeding.

Complete miscarriage

In this time vaginal bleeding may continue for several days, cramping pain is too much like a labour pain and the pregnancy tissue has left over the uterus. If the complete miscarriage will occur immediately admit to the hospital otherwise mother life will be in tough condition.

Missed miscarriage

In this case, usually mother cannot feel about miscarriage but the fetus dies in the uterus. It has detected by the help of ultrasound. Scanty brownish discharge has happened in this time with nausea and tiredness which are the symptoms of pregnancy also, so the mother cannot detect but the fetus has no more.

Prevention of miscarriage

  • If the miscarriage will occurs, immediately we have to move to the doctor. Usually doctor suggests blood test, the pelvic examination, usg and detects the type of miscarriage also start the treatments.
  • Doctor also starts to measure the level of HCG hormone for diagnosing miscarriage.
  • If frequent miscarriage is a history of a patient, doctors suggest medication in early pregnancy and examine through test (like torch test, pelvic test etc) to look after the condition of uterine body also detect the cause of miscarriage. As per the diagnosis doctors prescribed about medicine or other rule and regulation to maintain a Healthy pregnancy. 

To maintain the Healthy lifestyle, take proper rest in time of pregnancy, maintain proper hygiene, eat healthy diet, avoid smoking and alcohol, miscarriage can be prevented. 

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