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Alternatives for Treating Menopause

by Gauri Kolhe

Menopause is the time frame when a woman feels drastic changes on her body. The life of women is changing as per her age, at the age of adult hood she faces some changes on her body due to hormonal regulation also after adult hood at age of after 40 to 50 she may notice various changes due to hormones.

Menopause signs the ease of women’s menstrual period. Menopause also marks the natural end of women’s reproductive life. Hormonal changes (estrogen and progesterone) means levels up or down is the reason of menopause.

Common or usual symptoms of menopause are irregular period, hot flashes, night sweat, mood swings, etc. Some of women are experiencing lot of problems due to menopause and they have to consult with doctor. In addition along with menopause some of diseases may introduce like osteoporosis, cervical cancer, diabetics, obesity etc. Now day the major reason of breast cancer is menopause.

From the recent research we can see at the age of after 40 women are more have been suffering with breast cancer rather below aged of 40s. Come out from this situation now every woman is more conscious so except the allopathic treatment or other things, they start their treatment with natural ways or alternative way.

There are several alternatives for treating menopause

Use black cohosh- black cohosh is made from the species of buttercup from the research we can see it is more effective for reducing hot flashes. It can be used as a form of capsules tablet or it can be consumed mixed with water. Along with this it helps to reduce the depression moment and it can regulate the body temperature.

Lastly we can say the effectiveness of black cohosh is amazing for treating Menopause women.

Adopt exercise- exercise is one of things which can control or reduce so many problems related with our body. It can improve the overall health and well-being throughout our life. Regular exercise helps to diminish or cut down bone injury, plays an important role in reducing the risk factor of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and many types of cancer.

If you do 30 minutes of moderate exercise like brisk walking, jogging, gardening etc, it can help to manage our lifestyle. Menopause women can also get better health or the can also cut down the risk factor after Menopause by doing exercise every day.

Consume the calcium enriched foods

Due to the hormonal changes in time of Menopause can the reason of weakness of bones along with increasing the risk factor of osteoporosis.

Calcium enriched foods like yogurt, milk, cheese; tofu, green leafy vegetables etc must be included into their diet. Calcium enriched food can prevent the risk factor of osteoporosis.

Take a shield of Vitamin D – along with calcium enriched food vitamin D is also an essential vitamin to promote healthy bones normal cell growth also balances the hormones level. We know after age of 40 women start to decrease their bone density level. Vitamin D helps to prevent this.

The sunshine hormone vitamin D absorb into our body when we may expose on sun. There for experts are suggesting to the mid age women more to expose on sun and it is one of way of alternative for treating of menopause. Rather than may include vitamin D supplement in daily diet or consume at proper amount of fish, milk, eggs which are vitamin D fortified food to cut down the risk factors of bone injury.

Treatment with acupuncture – several women find to get over from menopause risk factors by a treatment of acupuncture. Acupuncture might be reasonable alternative for treating for menopause; it is one type of hormone therapy.

 Cut down the trigger foods – some foods may always activate a body like excessive intake of caffeine, alcohol, foods that are too much sugar or spicy etc which always trigger our body and the result is hot flashes, night sweats and mood swings. These foods can increase the more Menopause symptoms so have to reduce the consumption or avoid the foods completely.

Consume more phytoestrogens food- naturally phytoestrogens are coming from plant compounds which can gives the mock effect of estrogen in the body which helps to balance the hormones. Consume at the proper amount of phytoestrogens can give the rare experience of hot flashes of menopausal women. Phytoestrogens foods like soybeans, soy products, tofu,flax seeds, Sesame seeds, beans etc.

Soybean or Soya products help to reduce the cholesterol levels, blood pressure and also helps to reduce hot flashes and night sweats of the women who are starting to enter the menopause.

Consume plenty of water – in the time of Menopause women often experience with dryness which is caused by the decreased level of estrogen. Therefore, everyday 8 to 12 glasses of water can help to get rid of this symptom. Water can also prevent the blotting which can happen due to hormonal changes. Along with water can help to prevent weight gain and help to weight loss.

These alternative therapies can help to come out from the menopausal symptoms.

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