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Need to Know About Breast Cancer, From Prevention to Living Well After a Diagnosis

by Gauri Kolhe

Cancer is a group of diseases and accompanied with the uncontrollable growth of cells. Cancer is the most dangerous cause of death worldwide with the highest mortality death.

There are numbers of cancer and according to American cancer society (ACS), breast cancer is the second most common cancer in the women after skin cancer. There were 276,480 newly diagnosed case reported alone in 2020.

Thanks to the continuing  advance research in medical and pharmaceutical there are many options of treatment available and breast cancer is treatable than ever.

Not only treatment can save you from the cancer, some prevention also can help you in treatment of breast cancer.

In this article you will get tips about all you need to know about breast cancer from prevention to treatment and how you should live after diagnosis with the breast cancer. This article is going to help you to minimize and overcome the fear of having cancer.

About Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a life threatening disease associated with the uncontrolled growth of the cells in the breast according to the centre for the disease control and prevention (CDC).

Most of the scientist explains that breast cancer is not a single disease it is the group of several disease.

Generally symptoms of cancer do not show in the early stage but the most common symptom of the breast cancer is lumps in the breast. In many cases there is no lump has seen at all. Due to this screening methods that are able to catch the symptoms are important to detect the breast cancer in early stage.

According to National cancer institute (NCI), mammogram is the most common and important screening test.

Breast cancer can be classified on the identification of the location of cancer started or weather spread or not if spread than what is the extant of the spread of the breast cancer.

 The treatment can be of different type for different individual as this depending on which type of breast cancer a person suffer.

So do not think that there is no treatment available for your cancer you just need to talk to your doctor after diagnosis and things will work out as your doctor take a diagnosis study  and determine the best course of treatment suitable to your type.

What causes breast cancer?

There are many factors that can cause breast cancer categorized as genetic and environmental factors.

 Genetic factors include having a family history of breast cancer, a personal history of breast conditions and inherited genes developing the risk of breast cancer. For instance, the famous celebrity Angelina jolly went through the screening and found out that she had significantly risk of developing breast cancer due to some genes.

Environmental factor include lifestyle, exposure to radiation, drinking too much alcohol.

Breast cancer prevention

There are many factors that can help developing breast cancer:

The chances of developing cancers depend on the factors that you ay be control or not. For example you cannot control factors like age, family history, race etc while you can control lifestyle relating factors that could develop the breast cancer such as lifestyle choice, diet, exercise and stress level can be easily managed and breast cancer can be prevented.

If you having a doubt for developing the breast cancer than you should talk to your doctor and make sure to follow the recommended strategies that can help reducing the chances of breast cancer.

Doing exercise on regular basis, including greens and colorful vegetables and fruits to your diet are some of these strategies because they enriched with antioxidants that can help you to prevent breast cancer.

How to subsist the fear of breast cancer

When you come to   know that you are having breast cancer you will be shocked and this shock may leave you in the dark sorrow, anxiety, fear and gloomy for all the time.

You need to accept the reality and motivate yourself to cope up this situation.

You can cope with your new condition after meeting your oncologists and discuss the treatment regimen to fully recover. So make sure to talk openly and confidently.

The mental support is another option to face the reality so get help from your family or friends or people already have faced the breast cancer and survive right after the treatment followed by living a happy life.

Need of exercise after breast cancer diagnosis

Doing exercise during the treatment or after finishing the treatment helps you to improve you health as well help you cope with the mental breakdown you have been gone through.

So if you came out with positive results having breast cancer than you should aim to exercise and be active for at least 4-5 hours in a week (according to ACS).

According to nonprofit breastcancer.org, doing exercise prevent fatty tissue because fatty tissue contains the hormone named estrogen that spurs the growth of breast cancer.

Make sure to follow the instructions while doing exercise and start with an easy pace after some time increase gradually.

Food to Eat and avoid

After breast cancer diagnosis, along with dong exercise you need to focus on what to eat and what to avoid. There are many foods available that can help you to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer while some of the food may promote the growth of breast cancer. 4 Healthy Foods to Eat (and 3 to Avoid) When You Have Breast Cancer.

Although more research needed to determine what diet should eat to reduce the risk of breast cancer, greens, food containing flavanoids, Polyphenols and other antioxidants may help you to prevent breast cancer.

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