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How to Improve Your Mental Health in 2023

by Gauri Kolhe

According to WHO perfect health means complete physical mental and social well-being. Therefore from this definition we get to know along with the complete physical state we have to be perfect with our mental state. Mental wellbeing has a direct impact on the physical state. There is an extensive relation between the physical and mental state.

We know every New Year is coming with fresh hope. We can say New Year is the time for a fresh beginning. It is reflecting on the physical, mental, professional and financial states in our life.

By the Curse of covid-19 pandemic situation the last year had an adverse effect on our life, and it had broken down our daily life along with our mental state also.

We don’t know this year what are the things are waiting for us? We don’t know there may be any harsh challenges or anything? So we should look ahead and we should adopt healthy habits as well as focus on improving our mental health. Health experts have suggested some few tips for trips to stay happy in this new era.

Tune with your personal journal

We should always vent out our stress and anxiety but sometimes we can’t. Adapting to writing a journal is the best way to vent yourself. Over there you can expose all of your personal delicacies and you may relieve anxiety.



The best medicine to improve mental health is daily walk or jogging. Walking or jogging not only reduces the fat portion of Physical health but also it can reform our mental condition such as, it can reduce the anxiety, stress and improve the confidence level as well as promote mental wellbeing.

Consume plenty of water

According to the health expert our body has made up of 70% water. Therefore we should take 3 liters of water daily. Water helps to our body to function properly also the micronutrients of water helps to energize the mental state or health.

Soothing music therapy

Music therapy is one of the amazing treatments for various serious diseases. In the case of cancer treatment also doctors are suggesting soothing music therapy. Music is one of the things which can reduce the stress of our mind. It can be a stress management tool.

Soothing music helps to put down the pulse and heart rate, it helps to reduce high blood pressure level and it helps to decrease the levels of stress hormones also. Therefore listening to soothing music can improve mental health better.

Outdoor traveling

Traveling is one way to keep away from stressful life. The fresh air of nature is a good component for betterment of Mental Health. It helps to refresh the body as well as our mind.

Make a schedule for gardening

Gardening always assists to increase the concentration and focus power. Mental health can nourish more  when we can spend more time with nature and sunlight like gardening. Gardening helps to refresh the mood and cut down the anxiety level.

Spend time with friends

Friendship is the way where every problem Can end. Stress level, anxiety level can be cut down when we can share our problems as well as thoughts with other nearest and dearest ones. By doing so, stress hormones can be reduced, it is another best way to improve mental health.

Adopt with meditation


From our daily activities we should cut some moments for ourselves. At that time we must practice meditation to clear up our mind. Meditation helps to reduce the stress hormones, anxiety level and refresh the mental state.

Breathing exercise

Stress cannot only affect the mental state but also it has adverse effects on stomach pain or other digestive issues. So we have to cut down the stress level from our daily lifestyle. Breathing exercise is an amazing form to reduce the stress level. Deep breath in the morning has solved so many physical issues along with mental problems. Breathing exercise helps to stabilize our body and mind, also allowing our mind to calm.

Positive Thinking and speak positively

Positive thinking can boost our mind and increase our confidence level. Every morning if we will try to say “I can do it or I am the best” which can help to cut down on nervousness. Positive thinking and speaking positively is always a source of confidence.

Spent time with physical activities or yoga

Physical activities or yoga is the way to release endorphins which decreases a person’s stress level. Therefore Daily Yoga practice or other physical activities helps to improve mental well being.

Think about supplements

Some herbal and natural supplements assist to control and help to relieve stress and anxiety. Most common examples are lemon balm, Omega 3 fatty acid, ashwagandha, vitamin B etc.

These are contained with neuro protective, antispasmodic, anticancer and antidepressants effects, like ashwagandha helps to cut down the level of cortisol or a stress hormone in the body, vitamin B is the supplement which has been beneficial to cut down the symptom of anxiety etc.

Used with aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the common way to improve health of the body as well as mind and mental well being. In this therapy mostly uses the aromatic essential oils which are medicinal approved. It amplifies both physical and emotional health. Experts are suggesting that aromatherapy can reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality.

Some examples of Aroma oils are lavender, rose, neroli, Yang Yang, Orange etc. Aromatherapy can be in many forms like Essential oil therapy, using scented candles, diffuses, bathing salt, body oils, creams, massage lotions, facial steamer etc. There are several ways to avail this tool to cut down the anxiety and stress.



Laughter is the best medicine for all purposes. It can cut down the emotions, it makes us feel good and it helps to release the endorphins which are good hormones of the body. 

Laughter or humor helps us to keep a positive Outlook in various difficult situations. It also adds up joy and zest to life. It relieves anxiety and tension, relieves stress, improves the mood and strengthens our mental wellbeing.

Habituated with acupuncture therapy

Several studies have shown that acupuncture can assist to decrease the stress level and anxiety it will help to get rid from the anxious condition of our mind.

Betterment the sleeping time

Peaceful sleep is a very necessary thing to keep our body fit and healthy as well as it has a deep Impact in our mental health. Deep sleep helps to keep peaceful and cut down the level of anxiety.

Pass time with a funny movie

Watching some funny movie can give the great breakup from the stressful life because laughing and smiling are always the best medicine for mental health.

Activate on social media platform

In this modern era due to the situation of pandemic we are confined with online platforms. It is also a blessing for us because social media is now the best way to keep in touch with our friends and relatives, by that way we can vent out our emotions, our stressful lives and other things. This is one way to improve mental health

Sip more green tea

Green tea consists of so many antioxidants. Doctors are suggesting to quit a cup of milk tea or coffee. They suggest drinking more green tea because green tea is consistent with antioxidants which help to reduce anxiety and enhance the concentration and focus power of the mind.

Make a distance from negative people

Negative thought people always spread out the negative impact. Therefore we have to be protecting our self and make a safe distance from those people who cannot enhance the positivity.

Make busy yourself

Always make you self busy with quality work, which helps you to gear up with positive thoghtand cut out your stress. You may busy with your pets care, can do several crafting works or social works, those are giving you more happiness.  

Consult with therapist

Along with all the ways there is one way to talk with the psychiatrist or counselor. Mental health experts or psychiatrists can help you to come out from your poor mental condition. They can counsel or discuss with you about your mental issues or stress causes and helps you to come out from stressful life and also assist you to cope up with your daily life.

Apart from the above all mentioned way one thing we must perform that is keep in touch each other with strong bonding which can enhance our mental well being in this pandemic situation.

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