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How to Eat Healthy When You Don’t Like Vegetables

by Gauri Kolhe

Being omnivores we can consume different types of food items, like plant based (vegetables, fruits, leaves etc), cereal types, and animal based (fish, meat, egg). As per doctors all of the food components we have to consume for our better health.

Normally food components are divided into three groups like fat, protein, carbohydrate and fiber. These are we get from the source of animal or plant. Vegetables and fruits have contained with lots fiber which is most important things for digestion of other foods also helps to wash out undigested part from our body.

Above things we know even though most of us conscious about eating healthy, but don’t like vegetables. Rather than vegetables we prefer to take fruits more due its taste, smell and color. Being a healthy person we have to take vegetables in proper measures. There are some tricks to take vegetables in a new style-

  1. Mix with butter and salt– most of time kids do not like to take vegetables as happily, not only kids us also due to its raw taste. Butter has own smell and it can lift up the taste of the taste when it will mix with particular food. Therefore, cauliflower, broccoli or potato or other veggies will sauté with butter and salt, it may be a delicious dish for all of us.
  2. Adopt with different way of cooking– different dishes or different style of cooking most of time can change our taste bud and we love to eat even though we don’t like vegetables.
  3. Habits with fusion dish most of us don’t want to see a piece of boil broccoli or carrot in our meal dish but these are healthy. So we can take it in a different way like, mix with boil pasta and sauté with olive oil also with sprinkle black paper. Definitely it will become delicious to the vegetable heaters.
  4. Eat smoothie- One of most delicious way to take vegetables is take a bowl or cup of smoothie of vegetables along with fruits. First select 2-3 vegetable and combine with some fruits, then blend it and sprinkle salt, sugar and black pepper. This is one of mouthwatering food for all age.
  5. Warp with sausage or bacon- It is 100 percent true that most of kids are not willing to have vegetables as a main course item. Therefore, very mommies have tried the different way to serve veggies to them. If the veggies will warp with sausage or bacon it will be yummy for them and they will consume it without any pampering.
  6. Know about more – we know vegetables are contain with lots of fibers, along with veggies helps to keep our body hydrates which is vital to stay healthy. Veggies are the good source of vitamins and minarets which are helped to boost our immune system. Not only these but also it can helps to reduce extra fats and maintain our body weight.  

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