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14 Benefits of Strength Training

by Gauri Kolhe

At this modern era we always busy with our hectic schedule and we do not give much attention to our life style. Several of time we adopt to consume fast food also follow unhealthy lifestyle. That’s why every day we face with new diseases or tie our life with chronic diseases like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetic, cirrhosis of liver and many more. But everybody wish to pass their life as a healthy person.

Doctors, health care professionals and other experts advise to do some physical activities like cardio exercise, regular walk, yoga etc for being a healthy person. Strength training is one of way to improve to improve health status. Benefits of strength training are a key to improve the unhealthy condition of us.

What is Strength Training

It is one type of physical task composed as betterment of muscular strength and fitness by practicing a typical muscle or muscle group against external intransigence along with untied weights, weight machines or individual body weight. It is known as weight or resistance training.  

Strength or weight training is not only suitable for body builders but also it can help to keep fit and healthy body for all of the age groups. It can protect natural waste of lean muscle group which relates with age groups. Strength training is al so help to reduce some chronic health issues like obesity, joint pain or cardio diseases.

Various types of weight or strength training

Muscular hypertrophy

It is commonly known as muscle training or building. At this time here uses medium to heavy weight to reviving the muscle growth.

Muscular endurance

It is sustaining period of muscle training, slowly increase the weight for muscle lifting.

Circuit training

Without any rest have performed all of exercise, it may perform as cycling order.

Maximum muscular strength

At this stage usually uses low reps (2 to 6) and heavy weight helps to betterment the overall strength of body muscles. But when it will practice there should present master or experienced person of it.

Explosive power

It is assigned normally to athletics for improving their potential to act eruptive performance on their field. This training added with power and speed to betterment of power volume.

Beginners or normal people used to perform muscular hypertrophy, muscular endurance and circuit training. Athletics or experienced people usually involve practicing the maximum muscle strength and explosive power.

Several equipments are there to do this type strength training.

Body weight- by using body weight and having to use the force of gravity to act various movements like pushups, squats, lunges etc.

Free weights

Here it’s not needed any heavy machines, just use dumbbells, barbells, kettle bells and other objects available in house for performing the exercise.

Use Loop band

It is made up of rubber bands which gives the resistance when it may stretch. 

Weight machines

This machine helps to give the resistance and stress on the muscle and this machine has adjustable hydraulics.

Suspension equipment

It’s included with ropes and straps which can bend to the starting point and by that way people can use their body weight and gravity to work out various exercises.

Above-mentioned equipments help to perform strength training perfectly and you can achieve your goals as well as it helps to reduce chronic diseases and also helps to strengthen your muscles. 

There are several benefits of strength training, like

Shape you stronger

When we go out for groceries we can’t come without any help due to the heavy weight of grocery bags. Help of strength training improves you to perform this type of activity much easier and you can strengthen your muscles.

The Benefits of strength training also support athletics. They can better their athletic performance in sport by speeding up, using more volume of power and strengthening the body muscles.

Protect bone health and muscle mass- at this modern era most of the people around the age of 30 starts to lose 3 to 5% of lean muscle mass. Therefore most of the people now are suffering from osteoporosis, arthritis etc.

Nowadays doctors are suggesting only if you spend only 30 minutes twice a week for high intensity resistance and crash training will give more bone density, provide more strength as well as increase muscle mass.

Burn extra calories from your physic- now days it is a major concern, how to burn extra calories? all exercises help to increase the metabolism rate to burn extra calories. But aerobic activity strength training can burn more calories rather than other exercises.

When you start to do strength training or weight training obviously your body needs more energy to do that particular type of performance.  When the energy is needed more at that time more calories can burn easily. It is one of best benefit of strength training rather than others.

Shape up abdominal area- normally body fat stored around the abdomen it is called visceral fat, which increases the risk of some chronic diseases like heart disease, fatty liver type 2 diabetes etc. The benefit of strength training helps to decrease the abdominal fat as well as maintain the total body fat.

Betterment of heart health

Daily strength training can help to cut down the level of blood pressure, manage LDL (bad cholesterol) and increase blood circulation through the blood vessels into the heart. It helps to maintain proper body weight as well as cut down the risk factor of a disease.

Get rid from Diabetes

Our skeletal muscle assists to level up the insulin sensitivity it also helps to decrease blood sugar levels by excluding glucose from the blood and sending it to muscle cells so greater muscle mass can help to better up blood sugar management.

This type of training also decreases the risk factor of developing diabetes. 

Improve more mobility and flexibility

Strength training or weight training helps to increase the joint lubrication or joint flexibility which can prevent osteoporosis and joint pain.

Boost your energy levels and lift up your mood

Strength training or weight training helps to give strength to our body muscles, it is true but along with this it also boosts our mood because it helps to increase secretion of endorphins or happy hormone which helps to come out from depression and improve our mental health. Research shows that help of neurochemicals improve the neuromuscular response by the workouts and it has a great impact on the brain.

Decrease the risk of injury

It’s true that strength training in your daily exercise routine may help to decrease your risk of injury. Actually it helps to better the strength of muscles and bones, increase the range of motions and mobility of your muscles, ligaments and tendons. This can support the strength around the joints like knees, hips, and ankles for giving additional support against injury.

Increase your self esteem and self confidence

Do strength training helps to to increase body strength also it can provide a major boost to our self esteem and self confidence. It can raise your self confidence by improving your physical strength and shape. 

From the research we know most adults think about body shape or image, which directly in their mind. Positive body image or shape has a great impact on your self esteem.

Boost brain health

The persons who are engaged with the weight training they can be have better brain health and defense against the age-related cognitive diminish.

Experts are suggesting that adults participate in strength training to improve their cognitive function. Normally after the age of 50 people have seen cognitive dysfunction like less memory, dementia, Alzheimer’s etc and this type of training helps to get rid from the cognitive dysfunction.

Live with a better quality of life

From the multiple research studies we have seen, strength training is exhaling up health-related quality of life. It improves physical function, helps to manage weight management, increases General Health ability, it can also decrease the risk factor of arthritis and osteoporosis along with it can boost our mental condition.

Helps to develop better body mechanics

This type of training has numerous benefits among them one benefit is it can develop better the body posture, body coordination and body balance. We know body balance depends on the strength of the muscles and bone, therefore strength training increases the strength in muscle and body balance can improve. 

Hit the chronic disease- strength training can also help to reduce the symptoms of many chronic diseases like HIV, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, some types of cancers, Neuromuscular disorder etc.

As a beginner or older than 40 for having chronic diseases should start with slowly males start with less activity it should be for 5-10 minutes after when the muscle will adjust then it should be raised according to the expert. If muscle pain may occur, should give one full day rest between the exercising of each specific muscle group

Continuous weight training helps to increase your muscle mass, strength and cut down the abnormalities. It can not possible to get effect immediate, it is a continuous process. So always be positive and keep on regular activities and one day you may be an all rounder.

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