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Black Tea for Hair and Skin: Incredible Health Benefits for Glowing Skin

by Gauri Kolhe

Black tea is well known and widely consumed beverage and more oxidized than yellow, oolong, white and green tea.

Black tea came in existence around 4000 years ago in China and black tea was known to help boosting the immunity hence it was consumed widely by Chinese people.

Presently black tea is the most consumed beverage in the world in the world. Black tea carries various polynutreints and antioxidants. Antioxidants and polynutreints maintain your health in many ways.

They also detoxify your body and flush out toxins results in boosting immune system. So if you are looking for the way to boost your immunity you should prefer having a cup of tea after having a healthy breakfast.

As black tea contains many nutrients this also contains caffeine but the best thing is that the amount of caffeine is lower in comparison to your favorite coffee. Caffeine is known to have various health benefits including hair and skin benefits.

Black tea can be a big help in your hair and skin health in multiple ways. To gain all these benefits you just need to sip a cup of black tea every day. Apart from the benefits o skin and hair, there are many other interesting benefits of black tea.

Here are some interesting facts about black tea:

Various types of Black Tea:

Various types of black tea? Whenever you heard about the black tea it is very interesting fact that it is found in various kind.

So if you assume that black tea is available only one particular type, then your assumption is totally wrong as many types of black are available in the market pertaining from different countries.

Most of them are commercially available as blends of different origins. Irish Breakfast, English breakfast and Afternoon tea are the most popular blends of black tea.

Here is a list of black from various origins:

  • Rose black tea and lichee black tea which originally belongs to various provinces of china.
  • Taiwanese Black Tea, as the name indicates originated from Taiwanese.
  • vanilla black tea and chocolate black tea are known as desserts tea.
  • Nilgiri Black Tea is obtained from the Nilgiri range located in India.
  • Assam Black Tea is very popular in the world and is has been cultivated for many years in the mountains of state of Assam in India.
  • Darjeeling Black Tea is another kind of black tea which is made from the leaves of camellia sinesis ver. That is cultivated in the state of west Bengal, India.
  • Lapsang Souchong Black Tea prepared by smoke drying of tea leaves over pinewood smoke.
  • Yunnan Black Tea grown in the province of Yunnan, china.
  • Ceylon Black Tea is very popular and grown in Sri Lanka. This can be consumes as warm as well as in cool state.
  • Earl Black Tea is the blend of tea leaves and flavoured with bergamol oil.

Various Health Benefits of Black Tea:

Black tea for hair and skin

Firstever black tea was discovered called as Lapsang Souchong which means small leaves from the tea tree high mountain grown in high mountain.

Dutch and British traders firstly coned this and brought it to India and started  growing in Assam and Darjeeling.

In India it is called as black tea but in china it is called as red tea due to its reddish color. This healthy beverage has been travelled trough all the continents and is currently consumed in almost all countries in the world.

With this large scale of consumption, what are the various benefits of black tea? So here are health benefits of black tea:

1. Black tea reduces the Risks of Ovarian Cancer:

Cup of black tea in a day can help to reduce risk factors responsible for ovarian cancer.

Flavanoids found in black are like catechins found in green tea, can work in the  prevention of ovarian cancer and prevent cancer cell growth In a study has been completed  by Roswell Park Cancer Institute in America.

It has been reported that cancer oateints who were having black tea on daily basis had a 30% decline in the cancer.

2. Black tea helps in Reducing Risks of Diabetes:

Currently, diabetes is the one of the most leading metabolic diseases and reported that 29 million populations in the US are suffering from diabetes.

About 30% of them are prediabetic, which means they are prone to diabetes type 2 in upcoming next 5 years, any studies have been conducted and results that black tea can reduces the risk factors of type 2 diabetes.

Catechins and theaflavins are antioxidants, present in black tea and prevent.

3. Black tea helps you to Boosts Your Immunity:


There are free radicals in your body which generates as result of metabolism and these free radical causes oxidative stress which leads inflammation. Free radicals have a property to mutate DNA and function of cell.

Inflammation is the primary cause of weak immune system so catechins and theaflavins present in tea act as antioxidants and reduce oxidative stress follows boosting immune system. So drinking a cup of black tea can prevent inflammation and boost immune system.

4. Black tea Aids in Healthy Gut:

a healthy gut will help you to prevent many disease and disorders. Consuming black tea on daily basis can leads the healthy microbiota environment which is responsible for preventing you from having any digestion problems.

Polyphenols is another active constituent present in black tea and act as a prebiotic. Prebiotics helps in proper growth of gut bacteria that will prevent stomach cancer and stomach ulcers.

5. Black tea helps to maintain Bone Health:

As your age increase your bone density is going to decrease and bone gets weaken. In past years it has been proven in various study that black tea can help maintain bone health by increasing bone density as black tea contains calcium.

Include black tea in your daily life and it can reduce the risk of fractures as your age increase.

6. Black tea is good for Weight Loss:

Black tea for Weight Loss

Diabetes, cardiac problems are the metabolic disease and these disease caused by obesity. Drinking black tea helps you to lose weight with the good diet.

Antioxidants present in black tea promote metabolism and results in weight loss if black tea has included in daily diet.

According to a study by the David Geffen School of Medicine, researchers found that black tea helped in reducing fat as this wonder tea has 0% fat in it.

7. Black tea promotes cardiac health:

Flavanoids content found in Black tea is known to be good for your heart. Many studies have been found that drinking minimum 3 cups of black tea daily leads the reduction in risks of coronary heart problems.

So to prevent all these diseases all you have to do is to have a cup of black tea and keep your heart healthy. Always remember that a healthy heart means a healthy life.

8. Black tea reduces the Risks of Parkinson’s:

Parkinson’s diseases is a neurodegenerative disease that affects mostly older people, but nowadays, due to the change in food habits and lifestyles, many youngsters have been suffering from this disease.

Polyphenols, an antioxidant found in black tea can also reduce the risk of Parkinson’s. Polyphenols present in a cup of black tea can protect your brain from developing the signs of Parkinson’s disease.

9. Black tea maintains Oral Health:

Consumption of sweets, coffee and alcoholic beverages lead cavities. Dentists prescribe medication to prevent cavities. Apart from the medication, black tea can do a good job to your teeth.

Black tea has the ability to protect the dental plaque, tooth decay and cavities. Most important thing is that black tea freshens your breath.

But excessive consumption of black tea may cause discoloration of enamel which leads yellowish or brownish teeth. So keep in mind to have black tea in moderate amount.

10. Black tea can also Reduces Stress:

Black tea is famous to be the best beverage for relaxing your nerves and known as good de-stressing agent. Black tea reduces stress by reducing secretion of stress hormones.

So if you feel angry and stressed due to any region, take a deep breath and a cup of back tea. thi swill help you release stress and feel relaxed. A stressfree day makes your every moment happy.

Present life style packed with tough tasks in the office for working individuals without no stress seems impossible. So it is very necessary to manage anger and stress and black tea helps you to manage this

11. Black tea reduce risk of kindey stone:

People who suffering from kidney stones experiences severe pain. kidney stones formed due to uric acid, calcium and oxalate. Having a cup of black tea daily can reduce these risk factors developing kindney stone.

So If you also suffering from the pain of kidney stones then you should prefer consuming this wonder remedy in form of tea on the prescription of the doctors.

12. Black tea enhances cognitive power:

If you have a complaint about your low memory, then ypu don’t have t worry about it as black tea is a good option to enhance your memory.

L-theanine present in black tea said to improve mental health and boosting memory. black tea also contains caffeine that boosts your alertness.

13. As an option for the treatment of Diarrhea:

If you are person experiencing motions and cramps than having a cup of black tea is a best option to treat this medical condition known as diarrhea. Consumption of black tea on regular basis decreases the risk of diarrhea approx by 20%.

So if you ever have diarrhea, you must consider black tea as a good remedy to treat this as it soothe your digestion system.

14. Black tea makes you Happy:

Consuming black tea regularly makes you feeling happy as this reduces the risk of various diseases and relive stress. So in short black tea increase your happiness level.

Black Tea for Skin:

In general black tea is helpful in many ways to your body. As it is loaded with many health benefits it also beneficial to your skin. You have to understand that your skin has many hindrances.

Anti-ageing, curing skin puffiness and giving you a vibrant skin are some of the benefits of black tea to your skin. Here is a list of benefits of black tea to your skin:

1. Protect your skin from harmful UV Radiation:

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is the main cause of many skin related like skin pigmentation, skin cancer and many other skin related problems.

Many studies said that UV radiation can mutate the DNA and leads degradation of collagen which leads aging and wrinkles. UV radiation also promote the free radicals generation.

So black tea which is enriched with antioxidants can protect these problems and gives your skin longevity. So have a cup of tea and protect your skin from harmful UV radiation.

2. Helps to Reduce Risk of Blemishes:

Person having blemishes can face severe loss of self-confidence and this leads mental stress to that person. This may have a negative impact in the life of individual and if it is a women then it is quite serious for her.

This is advised by many specialists that treatment of blemishes should be done with the natural remedies at home or sometimes with the help of Ayurvedic because allopathic medications to the skin may cause further complications.

In this kind of situation black tea is a good option for the treatment of blemishes.  Black tea soothes the skin and reduces blemishes as it is fully packed with the antioxidants. So dronk some black tea or dip cotton ball in black tea and apply it to your skin.

3. Helps Regeneration of skin:

Your skin wounded many times in your childhood and it takes a lot of time to heal. Sometimes a long period of healing leaves scar on your skin. It has been said that black tea fasten the process of skin cell healing and this also have been tested by researchers and found as a fact.

Remember that do not apply black tea to your skin surface as it may end up with the severe complications. So to prevent this kind of event don’t use black tea directly on the skin.

4. Black tea helps to Fight Skin Cancer:

Black tea is a rich source of antioxidants and prevents developing the skin cancer. In many studies has been conducted in the mice it has been prove that black tea prevent developing the risk factors of skin cancer.

There have been studies that have tested black tea on mice and figured out that it does prevent mice from risks of developing skin cancer.

However, this has never been tried or experimented on humans. It still needs some research in human subjects.

Black Tea Benefits for Hair:

As black tea is the power pack of antioxidants and caffeine, it has many health benefits including hair benefits. So if you are suffering from any hair problem like hair fall they include black tea n your daily diet.

Here are some ways to get benefits to your hair.

1. Black tea serves as Aid in Hair Growth:

Hair growth is another concern to many people. It is said that Chinese black tea can help in hair growth once it is continue applied to your hair. Once you apply black tea to your hair, you can see better result in 2 weeks of application.

To apply black tea, keep it on room temperature, apply it on your scalp and rub gently with your finger tips to stimulate the hair growth.

2. Black tea is promising Remedy for Hair Fall:

If you find hairs every spot in your house then it is quite serious problem. So if you are searching for a remedy, black tea is the best option for the treatment of hair fall by a large margin.

Antioxidant properties of black tea helps to relive stress which leads lowering in hair fall.

3. To get Silky and Shiny hair:

If you want silky and shiny hair, you don’t need to waste lots of money on the hair products. With proper hair care you need to drink a cup of black tea regularly.

Drinking black tea can make your hair look silky and shiny. You can also get more advantage by applying black tea to your hair after shampooing and get softer and shinier hair as a result.

  • So take 500 ml of water in kettle and boil it.
  • Add ¼ teaspoon of black loose tea into the boiling water
  • Keep it on heat for 5 minute to boil it.
  • Place this black in teapot and cover it for 5 minutes.
  • Strain the leaves of black tea with the help of strainer.
  • Enjoy your black tea with aroma and taste of the tea enriched with antioxidants and lots of health benefits.

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