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14 Thyroid Symptoms in Women That Could Point To a Serious Problem

by Gauri Kolhe

Many of the people always listen about thyroid from our family, friends or other acquaintances. Thyroid basically has a control almost all over the body in different ways but any misbalance in thyroid makes you face various serious medical conditions.

What is thyroid? Thyroid is one of the glands of endocrine system, present on the base of your neck. Thyroid has many functions such as growth, development and metabolism. As thyroid gland has many functions there is no surprise that in case of improper release of thyroid hormone causes many issues.

Hypothyroidism is the condition where thyroid gland release less hormone while excessive release of thyroid hormone cause hyperthyroidism.

According to American thyroid association one in eight women will prone to develop thyroid disorder and women are 5-8 time prone to thyroid than men.

If a person avoid thyroid medical condition it will cause damage to your other organs especially heart.

There is really need to known about what are the thyroid symptoms in women which can point a serious problem due to thyroid. There are some symptoms that you should know are as follows:

Change in weight

In case of hypothyroidism body function such as metabolism slows down results weight gain in women while hyperthyroidism results in its opposite way. Excessive secretion of thyroid hormone speed up the body function including metabolism hence a women experience unexplained weight loss.

Most of the women think weight loss as good but they need proper treatment because overproduction of hormone need a lot of work and as a result organs get exhausted especially heart.

Heart rate

Change in heart is another thyroid symptom in women. Thyroid hormone continuously communicates with the heart that has a impact   on the rate of heart whether it will fat or slow. In Hypothyroidism heart rate will be slow than normal while fast than normal in case of hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism could lead to heart failure.

Bowel motion

Thyroid symptoms also include bowel problem. Hypothyroidism slows down the gut motion which results in constipation. In case of hyperthyroidism you may find yourself in bathroom many times.


Fatigue is another thyroid symptom in the women because in case of Hypothyroidism your energy wipes out you will feel low and experience fatigue due to less effectiveness of balance and control over body.

Hyperthyroidism also makes you experience fatigue due to misbalance. You feel like little energetic and at the end of the day you feel extremely tired.

Brain function and mood swings

The most widely seen symptom in women suffering from thyroid condition is depression. In case of hyperthyroidism, a person feels like anxious, tremulous and irritating. Both conditions lead you to get help of mental health expert because these symptoms resembles to mental diseases.  

Menstrual problem

Women suffering from thyroid medical condition have been notice to have improper menstrual cycle as a symptom. Women with hypothyroidism experience heavy periods than normal while in case f hyperthyroidism lighter periods have been seen.

Changes in hair and skin

In case you may not be able to get proper moisturizer and prompt that your hairs are breaking than you may have hypothyroidism.

Hair breaking and dry skin is a common symptom of hypothyroidism as well as hyperthyroidism.  


Hyperthyroidism as wells as hypothyroidism, makes you feel tired and you may end up with muscles ache, weakness and joint stiffness. If you are feeling any of the above mentioned symptoms without doing tough workout than you should go to a doctor.

  • Hypothyroidism can actually slow down the transportation of the information in your brain cells that result in reduction in the speed of functioning. You may feel like blank sometimes. These feelings can also come when you have depression or mood changes.
  • Change in visual appearance

Hyperthyroidism results in Graves ’ disease which is associated with the changes in the visual appearance like puffy eyes, protruding eyes. Dry eyes are another symptom that can be seen in both kind of thyroid condition.

Temperature sensitivity

 Temperature sensitivity is also a sign of thyroid medical condition. Due to the slowed blood circulation you will feel chilled while it’s warm and normal to other people. While this goes opposite in case hyperthyroidism. You may become super sensitive and sweat more than other people.

Eyebrow loss

Sometimes many of the women surprised to see hair fall of the eyebrows. Losing eyebrows also a sign of hypothyroidism along with general hair loss so do not ignore sparse at the corners of eyebrows. Go to your doctor as soon as possible.

Swelling in lower body

According  to Feinberg hypothyroidism or graves’ disease causes swelling in the lower body includes ankle joints, knees, hip and feet. If you suddenly notice swelling and puffiness it may be a sign of graves’ diseae so contact your doctor and follow the instructions.

Problem in pregnancy

When it comes to thyroid symptoms, infertility problem is another symptom that has been seen in the women.  If you are trying for getting  pregnant but unfortunately get unsuccessful than you definitely have to concern about going for a doctor.

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