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How Your Height Affects Your Risk of Disease

by Gauri Kolhe

It needs to be kept in mind that a healthy human being is someone who complies well with both the mental as well as physical aspects of life. Health needs to be considered as a treasure and it becomes necessary to take care of the treasure known as health.

There are various kinds of people in this world whom we may apparently call or assume by their physical characteristics like thin, fat, tall, short and many more.

Height arrives to be an important aspect or characteristics of a desired person and plays a vital role in determining various threats which a human being may face during his or her lifetime.

Medical Science and Height related issues

In the present time, there had been a huge development in the desired field of medical science. Many researchers as well as the practitioners of medical science have found that height arrives to be a vital factor which determines the threat to a healthy human body.

It has been medically found that there various diseases which can inflict a human body due the height of the desired person.

Tall people have got a higher chance of being attacked by diseases like varicose veins and atrial fibrillation. On the contrary it has been proven medically that people with short height may get inflicted with various kinds of cardiac diseases, higher level of cholesterol and higher level of blood pressure. It can be summarised that height affects your risk of disease.

Diseases relating to short and tall height

People with a tall height have a lower chance of being inflicted with various cardiac diseases and diseases related to higher levels of cholesterol but they have a higher chance of being inflicted with varicose veins.

On the other hand we can find that short heighted people suffer more from higher levels of blood pressure, fatty liver and various diseases related to cholesterol.

In accordance with the latest researches, people who are having a tall height may suffer more from ulcers related to feet and peripheral neuropathy which is known as a nervous disease caused by the damage of nerves of feet and leg.

Tall heighted people may suffer more from various kinds of cancer which is a dangerous incurable disease.

Height affects your risk of disease in numerous ways. Genetics can be known as a vital determinant of height. People with a short height suffer from various endocrine diseases like Cushing’s syndrome, hypothyroidism, growth hormone deficiency, asthma, cardiac disorders, sickle cell anaemia, inflammatory bowel syndrome, Down syndrome and many others.

Malnutrition- A challenge

One of the challenges faced by the under developed as well as the developing countries in the present times is malnutrition. Specifically the children are the ones suffering in an immense manner from malnutrition which in turn is acting as an impediment to their physical health.

For this very reason of malnutrition, numerous children form these underdeveloped and developing countries are suffering from stunted height. It implies that their height is getting prevented from proper growth due to lack of food.


It is highly difficult to judge a person as healthy or unhealthy from an apparent view. It has been medically proven that height is a vital factor in the determination of various diseases from which a desired person can get inflicted with.

People with irregular height can also suffer from an inferiority complex of either being too tall or too short. Diet works as an important factor in deciding the height of a certain individual.

Proper diet is highly necessary for a person to be leading a healthy life. There need be a perfect equilibrium between height and weight of a certain individual to be termed as “healthy”.

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