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10 Potential Tips to Lose Belly Fat Naturally in Women

by Gauri Kolhe

Belly fats is not just an annoyance to the person, belly fat also make you lose self confidence especially in metro areas. Belly fat is also making you feel clothes tight on you.

Apart from this fact, in actual belly fat is harmful to your health and causes the risk of developing various medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease and other health conditions.

Many health organisations such WHO use body mass index (BMI) in the order to predict the risk of metabolic diabetes by classify people according to their weight.

But this is not accurate as increased risk of disease in thin people with belly fat has been shown in a study.

Belly fat can lose by doing some exercises, managing a healthy lifestyle and replacing healthy food with processed food. In other words changing lifestyle for the long term is most beneficial to lose weight.

Many of the people experiences that Losing belly fat is difficult but this is not impossible to lose. There are some exercises you can do lose belly fat.

Here are 10 potential tips to lose belly fat:

Eat a Plenty of soluble fiber, protein rich diet.

protein rich diet

Soluble fiber helps you make feel full for a long time so you can eat less frequently than normal which decrease the calorie level in your body. Some sources of fiber are avocados, legumes, Brussels sprouts, flax seeds and black berries.

Make sure to have protein rich diet as protein is known for the weight management. Protein helps to release fullness hormone PYY, and increase your rate of metabolic rate. Protein also manage muscle mass.

According to some studies it has been found that people who consume more protein have less belly fat than those who eat less protein. So make sure to add some meat, eggs, fish, beans and dairy product to your diet.

Make sure to eat a lot of fatty fish as it contains omega 3 fatty acids which help in the weight loss. Salomon, mackerel, sardines and herring are some of the best fishes.

One of the tips to lose belly fat include eating Probiotic food and probiotic supplements:

Probiotic are live beneficial bacteria or yeast found in your food. Probiotic are known to have many health benefits and promotes the growth of gut bacteria.  

Many researchers found that gut bacteria plays a role in weight regulation. Some of the members of lactobacccilus family such as lactobaccilus fermentum, lactobaccilus Amylovorus and especially lactobacillus gasseri shown to reduce belly fat. So make sure to eat probiotic food and supplements.

Avoid food contains Trans fat and add some Apple cider vinegar to your diet

Trans fats are prepared by incorporating hydrogen into unsaturated fats like soyabean oil.

Trans fats are associated with the hear disease, inflammation, insulin resistance and abdominal fat accumulation has been found in animal studies.  

In a study of 6 years it has been found that monkeys who consume high amount trans fats in their diet gained33% more than those who consume small amount of trans fats. So make sure to avoid use of trans fats.

Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid which found to reduce belly fat storage in animals. In a human study adding 1-2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar per day is safe and leads a loss of belly fat loss.

As concentrated vinegar causes erosion in enamel of teeth so make sure to dilute it with water.

Don’t eat sugary food Cut back carbs

Don’t eat excessive sugary and processed food and also cut down the section of carbohydrates in your diet in order to lose belly fat. Sugar contains fructose which tends to increase belly fat when it consume in excess amounts.

According to some researches replacing refined sugar with unprocessed starchy carbs improves metabolism and reduce belly fat.

Avoid sugary food and sugar  sweetened beverages

. Some observational studies observed relation between this excess consumption of sugar and increased belly fat. Refined sugar is more harmful than natural sweeteners like honey.

So avoid excessive eating of sugary food like candy and processed food.  Sugar sweetened beverages leads increased fat in the liver and belly fat.

So make sure to avoid sugar sweetened beverages like sweet tea, alcoholic mixture containing sugar, punch and soda.

Drink green tea

benefits of green tea

Green tea has known worldwide to have a property of increasing metabolic health and its anti-inflammatory effects. Green tea contains caffeine and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCC) which are known to boost metabolism.

Some study suggests that EGCC helps to lose belly fat. So to lose belly fat include one cup of green tea in your daily life. It helps you to fight with inflammation and weight loss.

Reduce stress levels

Stress is one of the most common causes of belly fat increase. Stress triggers adrenal glands that release cortisol and known as stress hormone.  

In some researches it has been proved that increased cortisol level increase apetite and play a role as a key driver in abdominal fat storage. Women with large waist are more tend to produce cortisol in response to stress.

To lose belly fat, make sure to engage in stress relieving activities such as music, arts, dance etc.  Doing yoga and meditation on regular basis also helps you to reduce stress which leads decrease level of cortisol follows reduction in belly fat.

Do aerobic exercise

aerobic exercise

When t comes to the tips to lose belly fat, aerobic exercise is another beneficial task to reduce belly fat. Aerobic exercise is effective in burn belly fat. Intensity and frequency of aerobic exercise is a matter of concern.

In some cases moderate or high intensity exercise is more beneficial while in some cases frequency and duration of exercise is more important than intensity.

Get plenty of rest full sleep

Tips to lose belly fat also includes sleep which is most important to your health in various aspects such as relaxing your body , stress reduction , provide time for repair. Sleep is also associated with weight.

Some studies show that people who doesn’t get enough sleep tends to gain weight than people who get enough sleep.

In a 16  years study including 68000 women subjects, it has been found that women who sleep less than 5 hours were tend to gain weight in comparison of the who sleep for more than 5 hours.

Intermittent fasting

Recently intermittent fasting as become trendier to lose weight. This also gets included in the best tips to lose belly fat. Basically intermittent fasting is a pattern cycle between the time of eating and fasting period.

Fasting for 24 hour twice in a week is very popular. Another method which includes 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours for eating is also effective and popular.

In a study of doing alternate day fasting for within 6-24 weeks experienced 4-7% decrease in belly fat. Even though intermittent fasting appears as a effective method to lose belly fat, if you feel any kind of negative effects stop intermittent fasting.

Losing weight is not easy as magic overnight. Belly fat can lose by adopting any of above methods and adopting a good lifestyle including exercise, physical activity.

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